The Sarah Palin Turkey Video

Maybe she's right, and she is blessed by God. Because this video is a magical miracle of LOL. Truth Squad here -- I despise her, and pray she never holds office in Washington, but I recognize my inferiority, too. I could never dream up anything this surreal and perfect. Pardon me while I heat up the tofurkey, basted with my very own tears. (Thanks, Tara McGinley)


  1. The part before this, where she pardoned a turkey was a little apocalyptic in it’s rhetoric, and she was making the point while doing it that wise executives have the power to pardon stray turkeys (cough..Ted Stevens..cough..cough).

    The slaughter behind her seems a lot less accidental, a little more media savvy than you give her credit for in light of the other footage I saw with it yesterday (offline or I’d link it). I think she knows full well she’s standing in front of a turkey slaughter house and is trying to boost a local business and stick it in the eye of everyone that is made squidgy by where our meat comes from.

  2. MSNBC’s Countdown program ran the footage yesterday with some amusing captions such as:

    “Gov. Palin apparently oblivious to turkey carnage over her shoulder” and “Turkey-killing fowls palin news conference.”

    But my favorite part must be that the interviewer actually has the balls to ask, “with falling oil prices, are any programs on the chopping block?”

  3. OK, if she knows what is going on behind her, then what is she trying to say here? “I’m not afraid to ring some necks, all you turkeys!” or “There’ll be no turkey-pardoning if I’m ever in the White House, Tom- can I can ya ‘Tom’?”

  4. She may not have won, but she refuses to go away. And to that, I’m sure Jon Stewart, Stephan Colbert, and all of the other late night hosts are very thankful.

  5. It’s like a Coen Brothers scene. You can’t possibly pay attention to a word she’s saying, even if any of it made any sense.

  6. She answered every question with combinations of the same stock phrases. It’s like she’s incapable of actual thought.

  7. @#6/Anonymous, I think she’s trying to say, in part, that Christians have a God-given right — an obligation, even — to avail themselves of all the riches of the planet, whether they be animal, fossil (fuel), or otherwise… Alaska and the rest of “Real America” even more so.

    God damn America indeed. This makes me doubly proud to be a long-time vegetarian.

    1. @motionview, there are a lot of things I’m very hopeful about with Obama. That part bums me out, and you’re right to point it out. I have hope that there’s more room for change even on that issue with him in place than the other option we had.

  8. A turkey was nearly chosen as Americas national symbol.
    Is it just a coincidence that her bespectacled head has chosen for more of her mindless babble the destruction of something that represents to many abundance, wealth, and generosity?

  9. on the issue of Obama and gay marriage. while he may publicly distance himself from any support of it, he will soon be in a position to name at least one Supreme Court Justice, and i think its pretty clear that gay marriage rights will be upheld by the SCOTUS just as interracial marriage rights, or the right to buttsecs.

    he will most likely be a positive in the area of gay marriage.

  10. Sarah Palin: “Gobble gobble, y’know, gobble gobble gobble, reigning in government, gobble gobble, gobble gobble gobble here.”

  11. I feel fairly safe in saying that gay marriage is off topic here.

    Also, did nobody notice that the guy killing the turkeys looks like a cartoon caricature of a bit player from Green Acres?

  12. @#11 Jahknow, as a Christian I’ll tell you that Sarah Palin most definitely does not speak for me, or my beliefs. Nobody likes being categorized, particularly when that categorization means you’re lumped in with a dirty diaper like Palin.

  13. OMG A clear analogy of the GOP I’ve never seen. Don’t look at the clear and visible whole sale slaughter behind me, just listen to what I’ve been told to tell you.

    The turkey executioner looking in the camera and at Palin between making his quota is what makes the piece.

  14. I am still in shock and awe that this soccer mom, beauty queen is somehow an icon to the lowest common denominator. I already thought they had Jesus and Jack Daniels.

  15. Somewhere in NY a staff writer for SNL is furiously writing a bit where Tina Fey rambles on about something totally inconsequential while directly behind her some horrible atrocity is taking place.

  16. Is there a more appropriate metaphor for Sarah Palin’s reluctance to leave the spotlight after her campaign defeat than a beheaded turkey, squirming as though it still has a chance?

  17. I look forward to some turkey and dressing w/giblet gravy on Thanksgiving. Did she intentionally set up an interview at the slaughterhouse? If so, was it to make a jab at animal rights activists, or to show responsibility in making the connection between what’s going to be on her plate and the animal that was recently running around in a pen?

    Also, A turkey was nearly chosen as Americas national symbol.
    Wasn’t it the wild turkey that BF wanted to be our national symbol?

  18. I understand why Palin might be a hate figure to a lot of people before the election and especially so if she had won. But why now, when she is no longer a threat? Why is the Palin-baiting dragging on and on for so long?

    1. Why is the Palin-baiting dragging on and on for so long?

      Because she’s being bruited about as a future presidential candidate, and people want to neutralize her immediately.

  19. Re#21

    Thank you. Your “GOP Analogy” insight is spot on.

    GOP Babblemeister provides the cover while “Joe the Turkey” is bled dry in the background.

    Its “What’s the Matter with Kansas” done to the tune of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

  20. As a meat-eating person who keeps but has not killed chickens, I was most interested in the slaughter technique. I hardly ever eat chicken, since we started keeping them, but I realize that exactly what goes on in this video is a big part of my life, and I can’t deal with that straight-on.

    This woman is a nightmare as an executive: power-hungry, immoral, and bullying. She’s on to something, though, and she’s punching way above her weight.

  21. @#13 motionview,

    Pssst, Barrack Obama also doesn’t support the use of divisive rhetoric and tactics a la “you’re either with us or against us” like the other guys (and Palin) do.

    Man, and here I thought Barrack Obama was my philosophical and politically ideological twin. I can’t believe we don’t agree on every single issue out there. I guess I should have voted for McCain & Palin.

    Seriously though, listen to her talk. I don’t mind if someone disagrees with me, but I’d at least like to know that they can explain their point of view in such a way that I could consider their ideas, not in a way that makes me questions whether or not they’re even thinking to begin with.

  22. @#20 phillamb168: I didn’t mean that as a slur on *all* Christians; sorry that point was lost. One of my very best friends is a politically-progressive, animal-loving vegetarian who also happens to love Christ, so I’m quite aware that Christianity isn’t a monolithic institution. My goal was to communicate that *some* Christians seem to have that self-righteous mindset. Ditto for all the non-“extremist” Muslims — they can’t seem to catch a break either.


  23. In spite of the dimwit speaking to the camera, this looks like the kind of a place I wouldn’t mind buying my turkey from. At least it’s not some assembly line with spinning blades that lop off 500 turkey heads per hour.

  24. #28 She’s keeping her ridiculous self in the spotlight. People are going to react to her.

    I don’t think she planned this to be some kind of jab at animal rights activists. I think she’s just not the sharpest knife in the drawer. The majority of Americans who do eat meat, have no interest whatsoever in watching a butchered turkey bleed out. They don’t look this footage and go “Oh yeah, I’m a meat eater and she’s a meat eater and she supports us meat eaters.” They look at this footage and go “Ew” and turn away.

    I think allowing herself to be interviewed in front of a row of bleeding cones in use, show about as much media savvy as allowing herself to be interviewed in front of a septic tank being pumped.

    She’s just not very bright. But dang, she’s noisy.

  25. I think that Sarah Palin really took that old addage of “There is no such thing as bad press” out of context. It baffles me that she would even say “I’m sure that even this will invite some criticism”, when she is letting a video of her be shot in front of animals being slaughtered. Most high-profile public figures would stop and think “hey, this will probably draw some bad press if I do this”; and then, not do the goddamn video. How dumb can she really be?

  26. this seems like an awfully slow way to kill turkeys.

    If you lined up a bunch of those cones and used a clamping mechanism of some sort, you could up the throughput by 10x.

  27. If people ignored Palin, she would go away. But nobody CAN ignore her – whether they find her despicable or delightful. Talk about charisma – she’s loaded with it.

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  29. @#32 jahknow, thanks for the clarification – and I definitely agree that there are some wackos out there that call themselves Christian, just like there are wackos out there that call themselves Muslim, or Jewish, or what-have-you.

    As a totally separate comment, I’ve never seen a turkey killing machine before. It seems more humane than the electricity-applied-to-standing-pool-of-water technique that so many chicken farms use.

  30. Dudes! Seriously! She isn’t crazy and nothing she says here is extraordinary. Turkeys dying in the background is funny, but doesn’t reflect poorly on her at all (why should it? WHY?)

    For those of you who can’t be objective when listening, here is a summary of what she says:

    1. She says she had a good time on the campaign trail. It didn’t “change her”, except she appreciates how much work it is, and how much work it is for national campaigners. She appreciates the great country, and Americans who want the govt out of the way. She had a blast.

    2. What are here future plans? State budget process. Oil is down, govt growth needs to be reigned in. She needs to govern the state (that is, no other plans like any national campaign, which is the subtext of the question)

    3. Cut anything because of oil?

    No we’re good. Oil was up, but that didn’t mean that we should spend like some lawmakers wanted to do. We knew and warned that oil would come down, so reigning in govt growth was important, instead of spending wildly. What we saved during
    high oil is available to spend during $50 oil.

    NOTE WELL: She just explained that she had a very prudent and wise policy with regard to budget and natural resource use. SO WHO IS STUPID NOW? Is she lying? I’m willing to accept evidence she is, but I don’t see any.

    4. How about this turkey pardon? Its neat! She likes participating. Keep some levity and humor. Nice to do something a-political and pro-business

    5. Thankful? Health. Family, son is safe, Trig is healthy. School is going well. Glad to be back in Alaska.

    So what is “teh crazy” here? She isn’t blathering. She doesn’t repeat herself more than anyone in a casual conversation.


  31. #49

    really? I thought all the economic stuff started before Obama was president.

    oh, in fact i just checked…yep. You may be interested to know that he is just “President Elect” at the moment. I think that Bush guy is still presiding over the economy that he refused to acknowledge had any problems until a few months ago.

    get ready for a bumpy ride with a bunch of loud-mouth idiots!!

    1. I just can’t understand how anybody could have heard a word that she said with them there turkey feet waggling around behind her.

  32. It’s very thoughtful of Sarah that her Burberry scarf matches the bucket of blood in the background. BTW, the reason for the cones is that holding them upside down and confining them calms the turkeys down. Though as you can see they still struggle and shake the equipment when their head is cut off and the life drains into the tub beneath them.

    Sarah knows what she is doing, this is no accident, so what message does she want to send? I think this is just her way of “sticking it to the liberals”. Conservative extremists like Sarah and many others on the right seem to define themselves by how much they hate liberals or anyone else not in the tribe.

    When all you have is hate, standing in front of an abattoir for your political enemies makes sense.

  33. She’s scouting locations for a new Food Network series starring her and Ted Nugent.

    On second thought, she’s too crazy for the Nuge.

  34. “Conservative extremists like Sarah and many others on the right seem to define themselves by how much they hate liberals or anyone else not in the tribe.”

    This statement is absolutely true and absolutely cuts both ways.

  35. @ 51 pduggie: Thank you. I spent the entire three minutes waiting for her to say something dumb, to babble, and there was nothing. She sounded about as smart as most other politicians.

    As for the turkey bleeding, I was assuming from all the fuss I had heard about this video that there would be feathers flying, guts flying, the works. But what we saw was about as fun as seeing paint dry. What was so shocking? The surprising fact that turkeys die to make their way to your table?


  36. This is like one of those scenes in a movie or television show where the straight scene happens in the forground while the comedy happens in the back. Only the comedy is a turkey being murdered…and the straight scene is Sarah Palin speaking……

  37. “I’ll be in charge of the turkey”.

    – Sarah proves she does know what the Vice President’s job would be in a McCain-Palin White House.

  38. “What was so shocking? The surprising fact that turkeys die to make their way to your table?”

    Dear confused, no that isn’t shocking, not to me. I was raised on a farm and helped slaughter chickens and castrate cows and pigs. The point is that she is politically tone deaf. I also think there are quite a few parents who don’t want their children seeing that kind of stuff. Sarah doesn’t care about that. All she wants is to throw this back in everyone’s faces.

    She’s a monkey flinging poo.

  39. #44 posted by Anonymous “what’s wrong with killing turkeys? It sure beats the hell out of eating them live…”

    How do you KNOW you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it?

    I swear, as soon as this loon opens her mouth it’s like a barrage of unconnected thoughts and phrases. Scary that some people seem to think she’s speaking English. It’s word salad.

  40. Barberry scarf aye? Mayhaps one of the items from the looting of NY City? I hope she paid the taxes on that,,,(BTW if you are trying to dodge paying taxes on items purchased by the RNC, DO NOT wear them during an interview! Dumbasss)

  41. Noen:

    You’re telling us a lot about yourself and not much about Palin’s thinking. She wasn’t filming this for tots to watch, and the “sticking it to the liberals thing” is not in evidence.

  42. #51:
    I’ll concede that this was the most coherent set of comments Sarah Palin has made since her nomination (that doesn’t make the setting any less funny in my opinion). However, when we can actually understand what she is saying, it simply raises more questions: predicted the collapse in oil prices? “Prudent and wise policy with regard to budget and natural resource use”? Is that why she added an additional $1200 to the dividend payment from the Alaska Permanent Fund in 2008, making it the largest payout to date? Is that especially prudent given her apparent foresight?

  43. Now, is he killing them there or just bleeding them?

    I’m impressed people actually were able to catch a word of what she said, I was a little too focused on “Tom” back there throwing sneaky glances back at the camera. “They know I’m back here doing this, why are they still rolling??”

    @61 Takuan
    …if by chaser you mean “more tasty animals gettin’ buttered up!” I thought chasers were supposed to be cute and silly things, not…roasted guinea pig? (Which is delicious, by the way)

  44. @#38Pipenta

    “not the sharpest knife in the drawer”

    Love the word play! And so aptly describe one northern governor

    Here’s a few more:

    A few screws short of a hardware store.
    A few cards short of a deck.
    A few fries short of a Happy Meal.
    A few sandwiches short of a picnic.
    A few peas short of a casserole.
    More numb than a frozen mukluk

  45. I understand why Palin might be a hate figure to a lot of people before the election and especially so if she had won. But why now, when she is no longer a threat? Why is the Palin-baiting dragging on and on for so long?

    I’ll tell you why I still have near axeity attacks whenever I see Palin. I like a strong Republican presence. The best thing to happen to Bill Clinton was Newt Gingrich. Republicans when they have not go bat shit insane provide a counter balance that I like. They are supposed to be the ones that guy, “Uh guys, I know this sounds nice and makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy, but don’t you think that we should figure out how to pay for this and check for unintended consequences?”

    I personally hope Obama is strong and has the word “no” in his vocabulary, because I trust Democrats with a filibuster proof majority about as far as the Republicans. What I really want though is for the Republicans to recover and put up a fight. The American form of government works best when the two parties are throttling each other by the throat. When one of them “wins”, well, Carter and Bush show what happens.

    So, I am actually rooting for the Republicans. Unfortunately, the Republicans are of no use to me if they are lead by bat shit insane religious nuts with the intellect of Joe’s six pack. I want a Newt Gingrich, not a Sarah Palin. The Republican party is at a crossroads. As the minority they need to condense upon a message. They can either make a dive to be more libertarian or be more religious moral conservatives. They can pick up the causes of terror of immigration, abortions, homosexuals wanting managmous marriages, and teaching kids evolution, or they can take up the causes of trade, fiscal responsibility, sane tax law, sane regulations, and in general abandon trying to stuff Christian morality down everyone’s throat.

    Palin represents a Republican dive down the path of appealing to the dumb masses through religious zealotry. Palin is also stupid. I’ll stop suffering anxiety every time I see her babbling her talking points when the Republicans put forth a leader who isn’t a babbling idiot who is certain that everything will be okay if we just keep teenage girls from having abortions and make sure homosexuals can’t enter into monogamous relationships recognized by the government. Clearly, the “big problems” of today will be resolved if we can just bring back Americas good old crazy witch burning Puritan values.

    As much as a fear one party rule, the Republicans deserve a beat down they got. If Palin is the best answer they can drag from the gutter, they continue to deserve to be beaten into the mud.

  46. These comments make me giggle.

    To the masses that have never seen a group of turkeys or even a farm in real life – let me shed some light for you. They are a brainless bunch who huddle in masses, gobble incessantly at the top of their lungs and run in frantic fear at the slightest noise of alarm. Though they cling close to each other while moving around, don’t mistake it for compassion. When one of them falls to injury or weakness the others will peck it to pieces.

    Sound familiar?

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  47. lights
       /laɪts/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [lahyts] Show IPA Pronunciation
    –plural noun
    the lungs, esp. of sheep, pigs, etc.
    1150–1200; ME lihte, lightes, n. use of liht light 2 ; cf. lung

    as in “I’ll hae yer liver an lights aft I slit yer knave tae chops ya scunner”

  48. I guess I deserve the context for the trukey that’s in my oven now.

    Takuan – the depth of your knowledge always amazes me.

  49. Why is anyone commenting on what she said? How could you possibly miss the point that she’s standing in front of animals being slaughtered?

    Why is anyone commenting on how hilariously squeamish we all are about watching animals being slaughtered? How could you possibly miss the point that this is a former Republican VP nominee standing there while the machine’s in use?

    Neither of these things is interesting in itself. The interesting thing here is that someone deliberately superimposed one of them on top of the other. I do believe this was deliberate, and given what I know about Sarah Palin’s “I’m the boss” mentality, I do believe she was the one who made the call to do it. I also believe they showed her the video before they let it get aired, just in case she wanted to redo the interview at a slightly less horrifying angle. And I believe she said “No, this is fine.”

    The shocking thing here is the superposition of National Candidate with Making Turkeys Die.

  50. 1)I don’t think it’s bad for meat eaters to be reminded where their food comes from.

    2)I think the woman is an idiot for standing in front of a blood-covered turkey-slaughtering contraption, because, well … wtf? Most people really don’t want to think about these things, and it’s distracting.

    3) But really, if watching this makes people decide that it’s not worth eating meat, that’s not a bad thing, because we should accept that eating meat means eating a once-living critter. And deal with it. It’s not going to stop me, but again, today makes me a bit more mindful.

    4)Part of me wants to know how that thing works. Most of me doesn’t.

    5)I need more chasers, especially after the unicorns.

    Here’s one to start with. Note: Badger alert.

  51. Rindan – I have to disagree with you. I am over joyed that Sarah seems intent on dragging herself and her white supremacist friends back under the rocks they slithered out from. If she takes the GOP with her so much the better. That way the Overton window can finally shift back to center where it belongs.

    We have been dominated for too long by extremists like Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage and many many others. We have been out of balance a long time and the only way to return to the center is to apply pressure from the left.

    Best case scenario as far as I am concerned is the GOP dies a slow death and the Democrats split into progressives on the left and what is now the center on the right. You know, like every other civilized nation.

  52. It’s not really surprising though. I mean, she hunts wolves from a helicopter. It should have been obvious that she doesn’t mind situations like this and probably doesn’t understand why people are grossed out.

  53. 78: she doesn’t babble in this video

    86: You have a lot of “beliefs”. Do you have any facts? She’s a hunter and has been photographed in front of dead bloody moose. Its her cultural context. Hunters are by definition “idiots” now?

    89: You need to give some kind of evidence she herself hunts wolves from a helicopter, instead of merely as governor permitting the practice (for predator control and management of the caribou resource see

  54. So I had this new student in one of my yoga classes and she came up at the end of class to compliment me. I think that she was trying to tell me that I was as graceful as a gazelle (which is massively untrue) but what she said was, “YOU LOOK LIKE A CARIBOU!”

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  56. Dammit, Anthony! I was going to dedicate that Antinous!

    Do you think you could swing an interview with the Pixies? Guestbloggers?

  57. Nice early winter day, a cup of coffee, a blood draining apparatus and animals struggling for their life and dying on the background. What a perfect setting for an interview.

    There is such a thing as being too comfortable in your own cultural context.

  58. Wasn’t it the wild turkey that BF [Ben Franklin] wanted to be our national symbol?

    He almost got his wish. Wild Turkey is the national symbol for much of the South.

  59. Pardon me while I heat up the tofurkey, basted with my very own tears.
    Ah. Just like that cooking mama-peta game.

  60. pduggie

    “she doesn’t babble in this video”

    Reporter asks Sarah what are her plans.

    “Plans just include gettin through ah the budget process that we’re goin through right now building the states budget based on ah… the price of oil that has uh plummeted so greatly and reigning in the growth of government and ah… ah… plans like that that have to with um… helping to govern this state and building this team that ah… is continually being built to provide good service to Alaskans so in my role of governor that’s what my plans are all around.”

    Complete gibberish.

  61. Wolfiesma,

    I am heartily sorry. Maybe a dedication to Takuan? He has walked the sand with the crustacea-huh-huns.

  62. If it wasn’t clear, the Shonen Knife song was a dedication for Takuan. *If* I can forgive him for the turkey baby costume.

  63. As long as we are feeling free to deviate from the topic somewhat, I meant that the link @ 106 caused me to become pallid, not that I found the content dull.

  64. I immediately saw what was going on, and then I was waiting for the good part. I (having slaughtered & processed chickens in precisely the same way) thought to myself, “here it comes: any moment now, a massive gob of turkey shit is going to rocket out of that cone, and land right on her white Starbucks lid.” Because, if you’ve done that before, you know that it sometimes happens. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and the emotional upset was due to the turkey slaughter in general.

    I myself am a 7+ year vegetarian, (even while I slaughtered chickens at a local/organic/sustainable/family/etc farm) so I too will be enjoying fake meat this year. But, I’m a little shocked at the boingboing’ers: is it really that disgusting? That’s how it goes down, if the bird is lucky. Maybe you don’t eat meat, and so you can be above it, but what you’re witnessing is far from a senseless slaughter. Remember, before it was sustainable to be a vegetarian, everyone ate that way. Let’s not get all christian about it, if possible.

  65. Oh, come on, there’s an obvious reason why Palin would have herself filmed in this context.

    This video is a shoutout to all those manly Republican men who, when they see Sarah Palin, are seized by an overwhelming urge to choke their chicken.

    (Am I really the only Boing Boing reader rude and crude enough to think of that comment? Or just the only one rude and crude enough to post it?)

  66. What’s really sick about this is she just
    freed one turkey with a “pardon”then uses a
    bleeding station of newly killed turkeys to
    continue her spiel,this is a bit off the wall
    to say the least,I don’t have objection to
    animal slaughter but this clip makes it look
    so bizarre or a kind of freek homicide.
    This surely was done for “Mad magazine”.

  67. expect a parade of stunts. She wants to keep in the public eye for another crack at something. America has elected actors, illegal immigrants, wrestlers and idiots – why not her?

  68. Comedy gold. And also a nice reminder opf what we won’t have to deal with for the next four years. Hopefully more.

    Still shouting for government to get out of the way of industry and business? Clueless bint.

    I mean, it’s obvious and i’m wasting a few keystrokes here… but what a nincompoop.

  69. What on earth is he doing with that turkey? I know it’s being killed, but why does it take so long, and why is it held upside down in that cone?

  70. @111, Antinous: Rothstei was commenting on many of the hundred or so comments preceding.
    “The post was presented as humor. Can you say ‘humor’?”
    Now that’s funny. Good one!

  71. For those of you who have never slaughtered fowl before, or don’t understand what’s happening here, the live turkey is placed head down in the cone. The butcher then slits the throat and allows the bird to bleed to death. It takes about a minute or two.

    Ever heard the expression “running around like a chicken with its head cut off?” If you take a hatchet and cut its head off, they do indeed run around, flapping their wings and beating them against the ground, even without a head.

    The purpose of the cone is to keep the dying bird from flapping around, breaking its wings, and damaging its skin.

    For those of us who eat meat, I think it’s important to participate in a butchering at least one time in your life. Meat is not born under plastic wrap, and the idea that you have to take a life in order to eat meat is a very sobering realization.

  72. @120 Edgeplot: when most animals are killed, you want to get the blood out of them (I forget quite why, I’m sure someone knows, something to do with an affect on the meat): so, you stick ’em in a funnel, slice the head off, and let the blood flow out.

    Apparently stress also causes problems with meat, so automated cow plants feed the animals in butt first so they don’t get upset or annoyed at seeing the slaughter or the big-ass spinning blades.

  73. edgeplot@#120, I believe what you are seeing is live turkeys being stuffed head-first into the big stainless funnel like thing, their heads being pulled down through the opening at the bottom, and their throats slit. They are then held in place while they struggle until they have bled to death.

    It takes so long because it takes a while for all the blood to drain out.

    (Palin is much more frightening…)

  74. @41 – Glad I’m not the only one who was thinking that… (IMDB tells me that episode aired in 1978. Christ we’re old.)

  75. I think it’s also taking so long because the man doing to work keeps looking back and wondering why the hell they’re filming an interview while he’s slaughtering turkeys in the background, and should he really drag this one out now that it’s done? I think his face makes this very apparent – he keeps looking back, like, “Seriously? err… isn’t this weird to have on television? Well, I guess… I have a job to do… here goes… wow, she’s still there? This is weird.”

    There is more than one cone, so obviously this isn’t quite how it normally goes. I think he was a bit freaked out to be being filmed in this messy job that we might normally consider slightly distasteful.

    Finally, I’m with Noen – sorry, commenters who think she’s making perfect sense. Even when I can tear my eyes away from the poor schmuck in the background trying to do his job, she’s not making much sense or saying anything of great depth. I also love how she says this was fun. I grew up on a farm, and slaughtering animals is necessary, but surely never fun? I’d rather eat a turkey from this place than a butterball from the store, but still – not ‘fun’.

  76. Whenever that women talks she reminds me of me when I had to defend a thesis I neither cared about nor really knew much about (it was bs but I had to do it to get my BA)
    she sounds full of shit, always, and verrry vague and clueless.

    The difference is that I was just trying to finsih up college, not running a state!

  77. I can’t believe people here haven’t figured out why Caribou Barbie did this…it wasn’t her idea, TEH RNC MADE HER DO IT!

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    ls rmmbr tht th prsdnt cn’t snz wtht Cngrssnl pprvl s th pst 2 yrs (nd th lbrl mjrty) hs bn th rt cs fr th fnl blw t r cnmy.

  79. pduggie, and screwball and all the other trollish ones out there, you may wish to look up “ironic” in your pocket dictionaries. then watch the video again. still nothing after that? then perhaps your kicks are better got yanking the wings off insects, or a lovely, flaming poop-bag anonymously left on a doorstep. or maybe rush limprod has some humorous anecdotes over at his website. im sure u could go get your jollies there.

  80. I’ll stick with my first impression of Ms. Palin, written up elsewhere: she has a pathological lack of interest in how others will react to her actions.

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  82. Waitaminnit…

    I’m thinking… tub of turkey blood. But is Palin’s cup red? Holy crap, that’s not a red cup. It’s one of those transparent plastic “iced latte” cups.

    Hmmmm, is the straw also red?

  83. I understand why Palin might be a hate figure to a lot of people before the election and especially so if she had won. But why now, when she is no longer a threat? Why is the Palin-baiting dragging on and on for so long?

    “Woohoohoo! Leave Sarah alone!” Why exactly? It’s good clean fun! Some of us like bloodsports, too!

  84. “I understand why Palin might be a hate figure to a lot of people before the election and especially so if she had won. But why now, when she is no longer a threat? Why is the Palin-baiting dragging on and on for so long?”

    Bcs sh’s Rpblcn.

  85. because she still wants power and some are stupid enought to give it her. When bush jr.was first mooted for president,people LAUGHED.

  86. Though macabre and just downright bizarre, perhaps this video is good news for vegetarians…

    This video does raise a question of what’s to come in 2012. Perhaps skipping the town halls in favor of televised hunting parties with Fred Thompson and the other potential candidates would be considered appropriate…

    Just leave Cheney at home for your own safety, Madam Governor.

  87. #28 – Mercurytransit
    “I understand why Palin might be a hate figure to a lot of people before the election and especially so if she had won. But why now, when she is no longer a threat? Why is the Palin-baiting dragging on and on for so long?”

    The answer, my friend, is right in front of you: because she keeps pulling stuff like this. I’m beginning to see this sort of thing as her own comedic style; a sort of deadpan, Coen Brothers-esque ability to amuse and bewilder me at the same time.

    Juxtaposing her mind-numbing babble with a turkey being slaughtered by a camera-nervous worker in the background was an experience I can’t readily describe. But it was memorable at least.

  88. @#123 & #110, right on. That’s exactly how I feel. It says something about how detached the average American is to where their food comes from that they: 1) think this is bizarre or weird, or 2) don’t even know what this is. Guess what, this how 90% of the world’s population gets their meat. Growing up in China, I watched my uncles slaughter pigs and chickens in a similar fashion (minus the cone).

    For her target audience, i.e. people in rural areas, it’s not a political stunt at all, and nor is it bizarre or macabre. It’s basically saying: sure, Sarah Palin just ran for Vice President, but she’s the same Alaskan country girl she was before. It’s a calculated political maneuver to shore up her support.

  89. re: noen:”It’s very thoughtful of Sarah that her Burberry scarf matches the bucket of blood in the background.”

    O noez! Palin killz wittle baby burberries wif hellerkoptr gun shipz. Den she skinz dem wif a big nife to make burberry skarfz!!!

  90. sylkworm, the humor has very little to do with squeamishness over how our turkeys are slaughtered. i have killed, skinned, gutted, and tanned my own food, and will again when the need arises. it’s the sunny, happy, inane babble spewing forth from her lips as she sips her latte, juxtaposed with the machine-like turkey death in the background, with a little bit of wacky, t.v. shy turkey-slaughterer thrown in for good measure and: viola’! hilarity ensues!

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