Turkey head salt and pepper shakers


19 Responses to “Turkey head salt and pepper shakers”

  1. Wendesign says:

    Those are skeksi-riffic!

  2. Lea Hernandez says:

    They look like a pair of dildos from a tentacle porn anime.

  3. jimphelps says:

    You must send a set of these to Sarah Palin for her dinner table. Must!

  4. Xopher says:

    The word ‘repellent’ springs to mind.

    And it’s not difficult to figure out why Katie’s his FORMER studiomate!

    Wonderful/terrible. I’m continually amazed by the tastelessness of my fellow humans.

  5. Johnny Cat says:

    Wait, before I care whether or not the turkeys are freshly dead, I must know – were they Christian turkeys?

  6. Takuan says:

    mmm, could I possibly franchise castings of my own bodily appurtenances for tableware?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh, you’re a scroobius pip, you are, Mr. Antinous.

  8. Bob says:

    Antinous, it’s not very often I run across someone else who knows about runcible spoons.

  9. sammich says:

    caruncular cruet

  10. ado says:

    Is that a goose head candle stick holder and cats on the mantle?

  11. Takuan says:

    finish those cabinets,Sammich?

  12. wolfiesma says:

    In terms of castings, Tak, what say ye a gilded spleen?

  13. ligress says:

    Have you seen http://www.wemake.co.uk? These guys make things out of useless stuff. Among the more curious bits are their shakers inspired by condoms..:))

  14. sammich says:

    :) Nearly Takuan – thanks for the input, I had already saved a big sheet of cardboard for the job, and made a perfect template, and cut the lovely inch-thick main oak (oak! – oak is so lovely!) board perfectly to fit, but then because the blasted recess (created 6 months ago by an incompetent TWASSOCK of a builder ‘fitting’ a built-in wardrobe) is 12mm wider at the back, I had to whittle it down by 7mm in order to get it into place.

    The walls they laugh at me.

    But I’ll live.

  15. Takuan says:

    use a bigger hammer. And a tub of caulk.

  16. nehpetsE says:

    I have wild turkey head in jar that i pull out and gaze at whenever i want to remind myself that dinosaurs never went extinct.

  17. PixelFish says:

    I thought they looked like the disembodied head of Skeksis from the Dark Crystal.

  18. sammich says:

    If I’d let myself hold the BIG hammer, the frigging wardrobe would have come down.
    There has been plenty of caulk.
    It’ll all work out in the end.

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