Turkey head salt and pepper shakers

Guy Michael Davis made these turkey head salt and pepper shakers. The seasonings come out their nostrils. His former studiomate, Katie Parker, told me that "all (the molds for) his animals come from either 'freshly dead' specimens or from freeze-dried taxidermy." They're $65 dollars on Etsy. Turkey Salt and Pepper Shaker Set


  1. The word ‘repellent’ springs to mind.

    And it’s not difficult to figure out why Katie’s his FORMER studiomate!

    Wonderful/terrible. I’m continually amazed by the tastelessness of my fellow humans.

  2. Wait, before I care whether or not the turkeys are freshly dead, I must know – were they Christian turkeys?

  3. :) Nearly Takuan – thanks for the input, I had already saved a big sheet of cardboard for the job, and made a perfect template, and cut the lovely inch-thick main oak (oak! – oak is so lovely!) board perfectly to fit, but then because the blasted recess (created 6 months ago by an incompetent TWASSOCK of a builder ‘fitting’ a built-in wardrobe) is 12mm wider at the back, I had to whittle it down by 7mm in order to get it into place.

    The walls they laugh at me.

    But I’ll live.

  4. If I’d let myself hold the BIG hammer, the frigging wardrobe would have come down.
    There has been plenty of caulk.
    It’ll all work out in the end.

  5. I have wild turkey head in jar that i pull out and gaze at whenever i want to remind myself that dinosaurs never went extinct.

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