Minuscule: CGI bug videos

Kurt sez, "Minuscule is a co-production of French national TV and the Disney channel. It's a combination of real world sets and CGI insects, sans dialog. Personally, I think the lack of dialog makes the creatures more humane, and adds incredible opportunities for visual humor. Few opportunities are missed, and few fail. There are episodes all over YouTube, and when those whet your appetite, please buy the DVD and support these comedic geniuses." (Thanks, Kurt!)


  1. Very charming. I think I’ll support this work, by purchasing it.

    Oh… Wait… Hollywood has determined that this work is to be restricted to those persons living in “Region 2”. I’m not allowed to support it! I would have to break the DMCA to be able to view it on my DVD recorder.

    That’s alright, I probably wouldn’t understand all the French stuff anyway.

    Hey! Look! “Repetitive Crapfest 6” is out on DVD this week!


  2. “CGI bug videos” + mention of Disney prepared me for the worst, but these are delightfully crafted. thanks Cory!

  3. I can’t seem to find any indication that Disney has anything to do with this. And as others have mentioned, we can’t buy these in the States even if we wanted to (which I do).

  4. BRLITTLE – I invested 40 dollars in a cheap-o region free DVD player, mine’s a Norcent brand, and the first one lasted 3 whole years before dying.

    You can certainly invest more inf you plan to use it a lot, but 40 bucks seems the entry level price range.

  5. quite by coincidence just one hour ago i was looking for “grasshopper” on youtube for my son, and came across this production. took me a minute to realize it was cgi. very cute, and my son enjoyed it too. i’ll check out more of em.

  6. Minuscule has appeared sporadically on the Disney channel for over a year, and my HTPC grabs them whenever they appear. They’re language free and always fun!

  7. Man, I would love these on DVD. Wish they would import them in region 1.

    Don’t let Disney do it or we’ll surely be subject to a voice-over by Morgan Freeman, Gilbert Gottfried screaming “Holy crap! Is that freaking lolly-pop? Other choices: Billy Bob Thornton as ant commander. Sean Penn as “Spider on a swing”

  8. Yay! Nice to see these gems getting noticed.
    For the region-1-desperates or more unscrupulous amongst you, rips abound on the webz.

    But if you can buy ’em, do. Its rare to find such thoughtfully-crafted, innocent tales that can appeal to any audience these days. There is a definite independent, pre-80’s feel to the humour and style of the animation, that has been missing for a long time in CGI.

  9. when I bought my B&O DVD player in Denmark, my dealer installed a chip that enables it to play any DVD region. Isn´t that possible in the U.S.?

  10. These are indeed marvelous. I’d love to buy complete sets for myself and my niece and nephews. But since I apparently live in the wrong place, I can’t.

    How’s that “region” thing workin’ for ya, Hollywood?


  11. There maybe a workaround the region lock on some DVD players. Search online for your model DVD player some have a code you can enter to unlock the region lock. Both my Samsungs have a code you can enter.

    “Minuscule” is great ,but unluckily the Disney channel shows this and “Shaun the sheep” and the “Cars” “Mater” shorts as time fillers and don’t always list them on the program guides.

  12. I’ve spent the last half hour watching these little videos. They’re fantastic!

    Thats how I spent my morning too. even better than Bullwinkle.

    Anyone know a way to get these in Region 1/NTSC format?

    I’m guessing you mean in a legal way since your asking in a public forum, so ummmm nope.

    1. What’s with all the disney hate?

      They’ve garnered considerable ire with a number of poorly thought out policies. Search Disney in the BB search box and you’ll get an eyeful of bile.

  13. I had to -CENSORED- mine. I have been trying to get these on Region 1 for over a year now. So I -CENSORED- them.

  14. And I am starting to really hate Yotube. Most of the movies I clicked all sported the message “We’re sorry but this video isn’t available anymore” or something. And I know it’s total BS, because other people clicked on the video and could see it. I already removed cookies and everything….

  15. My 4 yr old and I catch the Miniscule shorts on Disney channel whenever we can. He LURVES them, and I think they’re pretty neat as well: “Mom! The bugs are on!”

  16. Yep, the lack of dialogue is certainly a feature (must..resist…bug reference). Whimsical might be the word.

    Maybe the “Disney hate” comes from the growing obsession in American animation to make it ever more supposedly clever (and louder) via dialogue and sprouting voice-over Hollywood actors as if that’s what it’s all about.

    This stuff is simple and delicious…just like French food.

  17. I noticed these on Disney when my little sis had it on. “Wow, that was so cool! They should turn that into a full show” I said.

    “Why? Those are so stupid,” she replied, and went back to watching Zach and Cody.

    I’m glad to hear that at least some kids enjoyed them.

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