US sailors' Star Wars fan film


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  1. Chris the Carpenter says:

    God Damn Fantastic! –Very nice work, gentlemen… Stay safe out there and mind your 6…

  2. Evil Jim says:

    Our tax dollars at work.

    Why can’t more of our tax dollars be spent on making movies instead of killing people?

  3. SC_Wolf says:

    Not bad. More plot than Ryan Vs. Dorkman 1 & 2, but the pacing could have been better. The scene with the investigator throws the brakes on the action right at the start, without telling the audience anything important that they didn’t already know, and the word from the sponsors was close enough to the gatorade scene that it ends up sucking all the momentum out of the middle.

    Even with the uneven pacing, it’s rather awesome for a Star Wars Fanfilm, especially considering the filming conditions.

  4. Garmt says:

    #1 – the investigator scene is a reference to Boondock Saints, methinks, so it does hold some small piece of entertainment value, although you’re right that it takes the momentum out of the piece completely. (note: both that and this sentence is/are wrong on so many levels (grammar, style, etc) that I’ll go and be ashamed now. Thank you.

  5. travelina says:

    I liked the fight scene choreography, and especially the part where they beam themselves up to another level of the ship a la Mario Bros. And where can I get some of those Fat Nasty Vitamins?

  6. minamisan says:

    it’s the first time I’ve ever heard Moonlight Sonata and the buzz of lightsabers in the same place.

  7. cha0tic says:

    They’re probably doing this as they can’t get the Walrus ivory for scrimshaw work any more :)

  8. SC_Wolf says:

    #2-You’re probably right about the Boondock Saints reference, and the reason it works there and not here is that you have the action overlaid on the narration in Boondock Saints, where as in these sailors’ film, you get a small taste of action, then dialogue, then back to the action.

    Given the quality of sound recording they seemed to have available, trying to give a cold analysis of the remains building up to an emotional crescendo at the very end, while the fight rages on around, probably wouldn’t have worked — the monologue would have been lost amid the sound fx. They’re right to not even have tried.

    My suggestion would be to move the narration right up to the front, as the Ho Brothers did with the Civil War era Sullivan Ballou letter in their Star Wars Fanfilm Art of the Saber. Sure, we’d miss out on the initial exchange at the beginning of the fight, but the flashback sequence at the end gives a much better indication of the fight’s motivation anyway.

    And just let me reiterate, I still think that, as it is, this is a pretty damn good SW FanFilm. I’m just throwing out this critique because I’d love to see these guys to another one that’s even better.

    #7-Lucas’ original 16MM short of THX-1138 is included on the DVD release of the feature, though from everything I’ve read, it was made when Lucas was a University of Southern California student himself. The Navy angle is still there though, as there are some scenes featuring fighter pilot helmets that only Naval aviators would have had access to at the time of filming.

  9. mdh says:

    Ok, the kamehameha wave at 15:00 is pretty hawt.

  10. doggo says:

    The Magnum P. I. credit sequence was especially funny. And… I guess fan film production is better for sailors to be doing off-duty than the navy tradition worldwide… buggery. (Kidding! Only kidding!)

  11. zr2pilot says:

    I served with these guys, Alvarado talked about making this for months, buying what he could here and there (those light sabers are expensive) I doubted he could do it…glad he didn’t listen to me.

    As far as the “Our tax dollars at work” line…I can garauntee you these guys made this on their own time…between their work and watches….probably on a sunday where the routine is relaxed and you get a chance to take some time for yourself (but still have to stand watch). Rather than the tedious watch, little sleep, work, watch, something breaks, fix it, get a nap, back on watch….then all the time they had to spend editing it, and putting it together.

    It’s a great clip, and glad to see there’s constructive criticism rather than lame comments, as I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

    Lot of inside jokes too…the California Raisin line is classic….

    Good Job guys…gotta make another one and carry on with the evil Schmeed story…that guy is creepy in real life….

  12. MrDubious says:

    That’s my brother! Hooah Shiloh! I miss you tons bro, and can’t wait for you to come home.

    However, I did warn you…anything you Navy boys do, us civvies will do better…

  13. allenrl says:

    You had to go there didn’t you evil Jim… I think it’s money well spent.

    This is outstanding work and I’m glad our service men have a creative outlet from their monotonous jobs away from port.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I used to work for Lucas back in the day… an interesting (if utterly tangential) note… George used to teach film making at a Navy school in Southern California and actually the feature film THX 1138 is based on an old super 16mm film that George and his students filmed in that class… if you ever get the chance to see it… it is well worth the time… it has been shown publicly every now and then.

  15. lectio says:

    I thought it was great!

  16. franko says:

    navy men + cartwheels + lightsabers = totally AWESOME.

    hooray for star wars-based creativity on the high seas!

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