HOWTO Drink Coffee in Space (video demo)

Robert Pearlman, editor of the space history and artifact website collectSPACE, says:

Here's a really neat video recorded tonight from NASA TV that shows Dr. Don Pettit demonstrating his zero-g coffee cup. Not only is it cool space food, but its a science lesson, too!
Sunday Morning Science with Dr. Don Pettit (Collectspace Forum) Astronaut demos drinking coffee in space (YouTube)


* NYT writer drinks NASA water distilled from the finest astronaut pee and sweat.
* NASA astronauts answer questions from on board the Space Station via YouTube


  1. Looks to me like he went from sucking coffee from a narrow tube to sucking it from a wider tube. I could be missing something, but that didn’t look like sipping coffee from a cup at all.

  2. functional in a brutal sort of way. I would prefer seeing bio-engineered crew with extensible hollow tongues.

  3. That’s either the most disgusting coffee I’ve ever seen, or an equally disturbing urine sample that they neglected to turn into water.

  4. HOT coffee? I would worry about the potential of 190° liquid escaping and scalding the crew.

    A very ingenious demonstration.

  5. I’d like to see any of you brew ANY coffee, much less halfway decent coffee, in zero gravity. (my bunn machine wouldn’t function at all.)

  6. Anybody else notice that at 2:25 in the video the ‘coffee’ colour moves out of the bag? No doubt some sort of data compression artifact, but just the sort of weirdness that conspiracy theorists will love to see…

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