Turkey-shaped Jell-O® Mold: 2008 Competition


6 Responses to “Turkey-shaped Jell-O® Mold: 2008 Competition”

  1. lionelbrits says:

    Satan’s turkey? Tur*ucken? A new term is required.

  2. benedict says:

    how do people come up with this weird stuff..

  3. xdmag says:

    Is this a good time to ask for turkey-flavored Jell-O?

  4. Keeper of the Lantern says:

    Horific: It reminds me of Eraserhead’s turkey.

  5. toolbag says:

    KEEPER: glad I’m not the only one that thought that, if I saw that on the table coupled with the screech of steam heater I’d probably run

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