Boing Boing's Holiday Gift Guide part five: Nonfiction


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  1. StRevAlex says:

    John Holt’s books are absolute classics. Every parent should own them.

  2. k8emcg says:

    This gives me anxiety. Life is too short.

  3. klg19 says:

    Shopsin’s isn’t in Greenwich Village. It used to be, but hasn’t been for some years. It’s on the Lower East Side: Essex and Delancey.

  4. george57l says:

    @ #8 Takuan

    Very funny and apposite but I prefer to think that what Darn (and implicitly Andrew) was commenting on was that the definition of the sets here was not well-considered, as it resulted in so much duplication – some of these have appeared more than twice and it does make scrolling very boring when one has to scroll past so many repeated items again and again to get to a real new item. I haven’t checked but it *seems* like some of these have qualified to be in every single set (yawn) – somewhat validly calling into question the sets used.

    (“Oh the humanity”, or to get my retaliation in first – “yes this is the worst thing I have to worry about and yes I am very sad”)


  5. plusminus says:

    Creds for this gift guide. It’s a good idea! :)

  6. Burns! says:

    I just picked up “The Essential Groucho” last week. I’ve only just begun, but it’s great! Definite recommend for everyone…except humorless jerks. They probably shouldn’t bother.

  7. Jason Rizos says:

    Magic and Showmanship for writers? Care to elaborate, Cory? I saw a review on Amazon to this effect but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

  8. karlfrankjr says:

    I have not read a single book on that list. However, as of now, I have thrown out my old list and will just use this one for now.

    Karl Frank

  9. Takuan says:

    that’s great Karl,but leave your link in your profile would ya?

  10. Anonymous says:

    What about this wonderful book? She’s Such a Geek

  11. boing_x says:

    I don’t anything about the book, but there is a glut of “I used to be a rocker, and now I’m a cool parent” books.

    Can’t they just grow up? No one wants to be an adult anymore.

  12. rabican says:

    I’m just going to mention that I bought the “Hungry Scientist Handbook” largely on the strength of the first BoingBoing post about it, where Ivan was quoted as saying it was for everybody: “[y]our brother, your mother, your kid neighbor.” Well, I got it for the thirteen-year-old son of a family friend, a tinkerer and real whiz in the kitchen – sounds like the book would be perfect for him, right? Except the very first project is caramel lingerie. Complete with pictures of pretty ladies sitting around in caramel netting undies. Ahem. Look, I’m not a prude, but that’s not something I’m comfortable giving to someone I consider my kid cousin, you know?

    Anyway, of course I hold no grudge against BoingBoing – I just wanted to let everyone know. It’s a fun-looking book, and if I were a gadgeteer myself I’d be all over some of these projects (LED birthday candles? Hell yes!), but it’s not all-ages.

  13. Cory Doctorow says:

    Click on the BB post link, Jason! There’s a whole article about it!

  14. WarLord says:


    #3 I bought ‘magic and showmanship’ after I read the review, its focusd on magic especially “big” magic with assistants and props but he also discusses showmanship, focusing audience attention, and the rhythum of a act with building tension to climax ending.

    All stuff that had application to plotting and writing

    I’d recommend it

  15. Andrew says:

    Could we maybe get an abbreviated main page version with a link to more for ease of scrolling?

  16. jwb says:

    Wow, your favorite baby book is how to make your kid sleep for half the day? I feel sorry for your children.

  17. darn says:

    weren’t some of these on the last list posted?

  18. Cory Doctorow says:

    No, it’s about how to help your child acquire the learned skill of sleeping through the night, so that she (and we) are more awake, happy and alert during the day as we play together.

  19. Takuan says:

    can always tell the childless ones

  20. ManhattanManhunter says:

    The photographs from the Mutter Museum are FASCINATING – and still fairly unknown. Great pick!

  21. stegodon says:

    “Shorty can’t eat no books, son!” – DMX

  22. aninsomniac says:

    Hey, the graphic novel Alan’s War reminded me of this other graphic novel I had read a long time ago; it was my grandfather’s book and I have no idea where he got it from as graphic novels were not aplenty then. It’s called “A funny kind of war” by Sgt. Robert Briggs. Was written in the 40s and is about the IIWW. Was quite funny and would recommend that to people who haven’t read it.

    Of course, I haven’t been a longtime graphic novel enthusiast, so if everyone already knows about this book, ignore this post.


  23. Anonymous says:

    Some great books here I really want to read that mom wears combat boots and the one in the defence of food.

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