Uke, washboard, and kazoo music from 1928


12 Responses to “Uke, washboard, and kazoo music from 1928”

  1. jeshii says:

    Wow, it is stuff like this that remind me there is culture in America.

  2. pizzaboxbeercan says:

    The Guy playing the Washboard looks like Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis

  3. danwarning says:

    Here’s a link to the whole thing, complete with a great bit of acting in the introduction:

    “Someone been usin’ my instrument to wash on!”


  4. Justin Ried says:

    As an aspiring, semi-professional kazoo man myself, I have to say his technique is pitch perfect. Wonderful video.

  5. JimXugle says:

    I think you just found the world’s oldest music video.

  6. stuckie27 says:

    Randomly enough I was watching a film last night that used this exact same clip to talk about new influences in the music made by while people in North Carolina.

    The film was High Lonesome and is the story of Bill Monroe and Bluegrass music and how it has come to be.

    Might enjoy it..

  7. assumetehposition says:

    That’s keepin’ it real. But is it really Hokum?

  8. David Guerrero says:

    I dunno…I’d be interested to see more details about the recording. If it is fake, nice job.

  9. Cory Doctorow says:

    They’re fantastic.

  10. Russell Letson says:

    No, it’s not hokum, but the footage is genuine–unless the Yazoo video compilation that must be the source (“Times Ain’t Like They Used to Be”) is a put-on, too.

  11. TOMTOM says:

    My dad plays the washboard and I wanted to send him this clip. But I can hear a lot more instruments than just the ukulele and the washboard ( and I can hardly hear the washboard). Is the soundtrack genuine?

  12. texasroute66 says:

    Thanks for the uke!