Monster truck rally tilt shift video


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  1. Frank W says:

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  2. Keith says:

    #16- That Wholphin issue (#4) was the first time I had ever seen tilt/shift & it blew my mind.

    It can be seen here:

  3. EH says:

    Why are the killer parts only shown in time-lapse? There are sections at (near-) realtime, but no jumps or anything. Perhaps they’ve already sold them on the commercial market.

  4. FrankenPengie says:

    Great subject for a stop-motion tilt-shift. It puts into perspective the size of the mind it takes to enjoy such an event.

  5. OM says:

    “(For non-photographers out there: yes, $270 is cheap for a lens”

    …Especially for a third-party lens for a Canon Rebel model. Thanks for the link!

  6. mc says:

    It’s not like they’re burning a flag or anything.

  7. macisaguy says:

    The best post on tilt shift photography yet. I found this highly engrossing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I hope some band approaches him about using this footage for a clip, as opposed to some production company just ripping it off.

  9. MrsBug says:

    Look! Matchbox and Tonka Trucks. Srsly, that’s what it looks like. Love it. This is awesome!

    Being culturally uninformed, music-wise, can someone tell me the name of the group/artist on the soundtrack? thx!

  10. pork musket says:

    @3 It’s listed at the end of the video… Robot High School or something.

  11. clueless in brooklyn says:


  12. KnowitallguyfromGizmodo says:

    Amazing, that is some great work.

  13. MrsBug says:

    @#4. Thank you! I was watching it in episodes here at work, and in my haste to post how cool it was, clicked forward before it ended. D’oh!

  14. neurolux says:

    I’d still like to see some 3D tilt-shift footage, using 2 cameras set a few yards apart.

  15. shMerker says:

    The song has been featured on Boing Boing before in fact:

  16. Noelegy says:

    Oh well, this is how uncool I am: this was the first tilt-shift video I’d ever seen and I was entranced.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I was at this event in November, it was at the boondall entertanment centre in Brisbane Aust

  18. IWood says:

    I’m tilt-shift right now. I can’t tell whether I’m full size or just a miniature of myself. Also, I need to be three inches from my monitor to read it.

  19. Splendor says:

    Why are they driving on the flag?

  20. Evil Jim says:

    Real miniatures can be filmed without so much blur. I refer you to just about EVERY STOP MOTION MOVIE EVER MADE.

  21. Pag says:

    Om: lensbaby does a fairly cheap tilt-shift lens:

    (For non-photographers out there: yes, $270 is cheap for a lens)

  22. OM says:

    …Man, I get more amd more interested in doing my own tilt-shift stills. Wonder if there’s a MAKE version of a cheap lens for a Canon Digital Rebel as there is for a macrolens using a Pringle’s can as an extender?

  23. Pruette says:

    So wait a minute, are these actually miniatures or is this just the effect of the tilt-shift still shots of an actual event strung together? Some of the people shots looked amazingly detailed if this was miniatures.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Yes definitely Lensbaby! Their new composer is perfect for staying in one place like this! I preordered one and have had if for a little while now… amazing!

  25. HarshLanguage says:

    #15 – cmmntr xprsss n pnn y dn’t lk, nd yr rspns s t mck hm? Tht sms bt chldsh. Wht dd *yr* rspns dd t th thrd?

    nd frm mdrtr t.

  26. obeyken says:

    Again, but with yakkity sax!

  27. kmayeux says:


  28. Johnny Cat says:

    Real event, through the magical eye of tilt/shift photography. Best one I’ve seen yet.

  29. pork musket says:

    I think the time-lapse really adds to the miniature/toy feel.

  30. Dan Freeman says:

    I am sick of the tilt-shift craze. While this (TS and the stop motion/ffw’d) video is well done, the meme is dead to me.

  31. maxoid says:

    the part where all the little cars dance around at about the 1:45 mark was, truthfully, all i needed.

    wholphin had some pretty amazing tilt-shift video shot from helicopters a couple issues back, my favorite being the single truck raising dust in the nevada desert. it was by olivo barieri, i think.

    it seems to me this whole thing is more effective when the point of view is inhuman, which usually means really high up. otherwise it’s just sort of…meh.

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