BBC follows shipping container around the world


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  1. billtron says:

    Didn’t Dick Hebdige and the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts do something very similar a few years ago?

  2. jonathan_v says:

    Check out “Allan Sekula” and “Fish Story”

    parts were in the whitney biennal in the early 90s. he’s a calarts professor that is obsessed with containers/ports

    he’s the earliest artist i’ve known of to fixate on shipping containers

  3. Anonymous says:

    QUICK. Someone intercept this container and fill it will radioactive holes.

    You know, just for fun. Are pirates involved? I’d like if there were pirates.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ooo! ooo! what’s in the box? is it $100-dollar-bills?

    *runs off to reread Spook Country*

  5. brainpicker says:

    Brilliant. About time traditional media companies took on two of their biggest challenges – the power of word of mouth and the global exchange of ideas – through the dialogue appropriate for these channels. And what better way than a global guerrilla buzz effort?

  6. jburris says:

    what about when the box hits a port that has one of those giant stockpiles of empty containers that no one wants to pay to ship back to china?

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