Web comic strip by Barbara Rushkoff and Nathan Schreiber

My friend Barbara Rushkoff writes very witty and moving personal narratives. Her old print 'zine Plotz was a hysterically funny and honest take on Jewish identity. And her book Jewish Holiday Fun For You! is a must-have for irreverent Jews everywhere. Barbara has been away from the keyboard for a while, but she recently wrote a terrific comic strip for SMITH magazine's online Webcomix series "Next-Door Neighbor." Titled "Glenna Evans," Barbara's strip is funny, touching, and well-illustrated by Nathan Schreiber. "Glenna Evans" by Barbara Rushkoff & Nathan Schreiber


  1. The whole autobiographical comic format is really wonderful. I read Fun House which this strip and the others on the site remind me of. Maybe the first person narrative comic is the chick’s answer to superhero stuff? (I think our lives are more compelling than the hulk and spiderman…)

  2. I really enjoyed that. (I’ve read her work before and enjoyed that as well.)

    That said….don’t start dissing Spiderman or there’s going to be a serious smack-down in here in a minute. :)

  3. #1 – “I think our lives are more compelling than the hulk and spiderman…”

    Firstly, we must live really, REALLY different lives.

    Secondly, it’s ‘Spider-Man’! Clearly you don’t fear the wrath of finicky nerds.

  4. Okay, I don’t read Spider-Man or any other comics, so I don’t know anything. I’m just not into it and yet something like this comic strip story thing draws me right in. I do wonder if chicks are more wired to dig this kind of very personal narrative over other types of stories I associate with superhero comics.

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