Be-tentacled couture

From the VECONA Fashion Show in Brugge -- an octopus dress for all your tentacle fetish needs.

VECONA Fashion Show BACKSTAGE: Cabaret Gothique Brugge Nov 2008 (via JWZ)


  1. I am largely tone deaf to high-end fashion, but this is just… adorable.

    Sort of in the way Hello Kitty used to be but isn’t anymore.

  2. I have visions of teeny boppers walking around in squid skirts with prehensile tentacles controlled by neural networks woven into the belt.

    They would use them to shoplift access tokens for popular media streams, sim cards for augmented role playing games and beer.

    Schools would ban them; they would be a hip media menace for a season. Middle aged women will start taking classes to learn how to wear tentacles, and will discover that while anyone can buy a squid skirt and put it on learning to do anything more than make the tentacles twitch lasciviously takes a degree of practice and fine motor control that is beyond most people’s reach.

    //OK, I’m saving that locally, there’s a story in there somewhere.

  3. As she came down the the bordello’s grand staircase, he turned and ran screaming into the night, and that was the last anyone ever saw of the mysterious Capt. Nemo.

    P.S. She’ll never go DDWFTTW!

  4. heh…. squeedlyspooch. I miss Zim… I think my wee one needs that goodness on DVD. What’s J. Vasquez up to lately, anyway I wonder?

    And is it just me, or does this remind me of Rasputina? And come to think of it, so does all the steampunk stuff, too in a weird way.

  5. Takuan, read the “Dilvish the Damned” stories.

    Bees. There were bees once in her valley…


  6. Like the tentacles, hate the tiny little hat.

    I know all you grown-up teeny goths have really sold yourselves on the whole [___]-punk Victoriana thing, which I totally respect, but come on. Tiny hats for women? Really?

  7. Marry me, o Squid Princess, in our Church of thee FSM, under the full moon’s light, and touch me with your noodly appendages.

  8. The treasure-skeleton-candelabra and bat-squirrel-jackalope hats were a little too weird for me, but the small crown in the above picture reminds me very much of one worn by the bride at a Norwegian wedding. As an added bonus, they all seem to come with a frighteningly large, weapons-grade hatpin to keep it in place (further adding to the awesome).

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