CNN Closes Space/Tech/Environmental Reporting Unit; Miles O'Brien Departs


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  1. Michael A. Banks says:

    Absurd! So, will CNN spend all its time telling us stuff we’ve already figured out about politicians, and things we don’t want to know about “celebrities?” I’d really like to stay informed on things like XCOR.

    I guess CNN won’t be used as a prop in thriller movies any more.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When your entire show during the day involves commenting on Twitter and Facebook updates, you know you’re in trouble. CNN sucks now.

    “CNN is slowly becoming less of a reliable source for news and accurate reporting and more of a cacaphonous din of two week old regurgitated scrapings from the Internet.”

  3. icky2000 says:

    Wait, is CNN really still on the air?

  4. highlyverbal says:

    It is not the economy, stupid.

    It is that techies want tech news better (faster/accurate/whatever) than a media channel like CNN can deliver. Period. They lost us a long time ago. And it’s US this time, not lameness at CNN. We just didn’t want their product, although it wasn’t even poor quality.

    Reading BoingBoing is a trade-off with attention to CNN. Blame yourselves why a tech person doesn’t merit a major media position.

  5. Uncle_Max says:

    So you’re telling me the same channel that less only a month ago gave us the first ever live TV hologram is now no longer covering technology? Was it all the hologram jokes? If so, I take them all back.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Astonishing, absurd and preposterous!

    The decision taken by CNN’s Jon Klein to shut down the division on science,space, environment and technology is a real insult to the viewers.

    I want to express my solidarity with the excellent journalist Mr. Miles O’Brien and I wish he could be soon called by another network to continue working.

  7. Uncle_Max says:

    Dammit, that should have said “less than a month ago” or “only a month ago”. I did both instead.

  8. mr_josh says:

    Why do I envision some “Editor of the Daily Planet” sort of gruff old newsman sitting at a desk smoking a short cigar saying, “The people don’t want science! The people want movie stars showin’ vag gettin’ out of cars, see? They want round-table discussions about the breed of dog the Obamas are getting, yeah! That’s the ticket!”

    Ah, man, where’s Jon Lovitz when you need him?

  9. kmayeux says:

    It took me a long time to get over the dumping of Aaron Brown and start turning to CNN again. They’ve lost me for good now.

    Anderson Cooper must have asked for a raise. Can’t stand that guy anymore..but I digress.

    Miles you rock.

  10. HornCologne says:

    Frankly, what scares the crasps outta me is that CNN’s entire science/space/environmental/technology news will be covered in the “Planet in Peril” slot.


    No news is now officially good news, I guess.

    /CNN breaths out last whisp of credibility …


  11. mgfarrelly says:

    Its not like science is all that engaging or interesting anyway.

    Now for a three-hour partisan wank-fest on what Barack Obama ate for breakfast and what his choice of toast means for the economy.

  12. tsoyptc says:

    Noooooooooo! I *love* Miles. Sane, intelligent, solid judgement, clearly loved his job, good at covering everything he was asked to report on. I stopped watching CNN for the most part after they took him off American Morning.

    Pssst, MSNBC: what #4 said. yeah!

  13. SeattlePete says:

    You mean that guy from The Mole with the Steve Martin hair? He still works on TV?

  14. Peter says:

    That’s a shame. Miles O’Brien was always one of my favorite people on CNN, way back to the days where he hosted a ‘Science and Technology Week’ show. He was great to watch on space issues, and even when he was a regular afternoon anchor his enthusiasm for the space subjects was clear and infectious. Here’s hoping somebody sees your worth and you land on your feet.

  15. Talia says:

    hehe, I admit I hadnt heard of this before, but as others referenced, I am quite amused his name is Miles O’Brien. How totally appropriate. :P

  16. LB says:

    Dammit, Miles was awesome. He will be missed, though I already miss him since I am a regular viewer of American Morning.

  17. urshrew says:

    Is CNN having funding trouble? Or are people that uninterested in science these days?

  18. Antinous says:

    At least he’s got his Starfleet pension.

  19. Chris Spurgeon says:

    Hey MSNBC, if I were you I’d call Miles’ agent TODAY.

  20. Anonymous says:

    As an engineering student I am saddened by this developement. While this event in itself is of great concern to me the trend it betrays.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Not cool, CNN. Not Cool.

  22. regeya says:

    Urshrew, everybody knows real Americans got no use for elitist book learnin’.

    I came here for Star Trek references, and left satisfied.

  23. Daemon says:

    It disturbs me that they are closing down the space/science/environment/tech news department. Any news if they are replacing it with a religion department?

  24. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Advertising’s slumped all over the media. It wouldn’t surprise me if CNN had to make cutbacks. They didn’t just get rid of O’Brien; they’ve canned the whole sci/space/enviromental/tech news division.

    One of the least civilized habits of the publishing and electronic media industries is their tendency to do their major staff cutbacks in December. At least CNN’s canned the science division early in the month.

  25. Falcon_Seven says:

    CNN is slowly becoming less of a reliable source for news and accurate reporting and more of a cacaphonous din of two week old regurgitated scrapings from the Internet. It’s truly a shame that he’ll be gone as he was one of the more level-headed reporters there.

  26. cromulent says:

    Whatever, who cares. When did science ever do anything for anyone?

  27. dudeasincool says:

    Very short-sighted of CNN, given the fact that the Obama administration is going to invest alot of money in this area.

  28. membrain says:

    So i guess Jake Sisko will stay then to keep us updated from the station?


  29. Anthony says:

    It’s especially surprising as O’Brien did a very good job subbing for Blitzer recently when the Indian Bombing story first broke.

  30. netsharc says:

    As says… “It’s not news, it’s”. What a sorry state for news when its reporting has been turned to 24 hours of the same 3 sentences and video clips repeated over and over again (oh, how many times did I see that video of the police SUV drive by the camera in Mumbai) interspersed with “Yeah, we ARE the BEST political team on the f’ing planet! (And we surf Facebook while on air!)” self-promotion that knows no shame.

    They once showed a video of Palin shaking some hands.. a lot of hands.. very many hands.. waitaminute, it’s the same people, the same kids, in a loop! It was like the background of the Flintstones’ car rides. This isn’t journalism…

    This is Sparta?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Make way for more waterskiing squirrels!

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