Adventurous teabag danglers


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  1. nprnncbl says:

    Is there a begoggled blogger in a balloon basket?

  2. Takuan says:

    “Adventurous teabag danglers”

  3. sammich says:

    it seems a shame that these are throw-away, with a bit of nylon fishing line and a crocodile clip to hold the teabag the bungee-jumpers could throw themselves over the edge of the cup again and again and again…

  4. jdfreivald says:

    When he’s underwater, does he get wet? Or does the water get him instead?

  5. Antinous says:

    Teabags and helicopters in one day.

  6. FourFiveFire says:

    An EON hand? Powerful man, that Universe Man!

    Or excellent man. …I guess that depends on whether it’s the Flood or the Severe Tire Damage version.

  7. noen says:

    Teabag danglers go well with cock necklaces, or so I hear.

  8. Xeni Jardin says:

    oh dear god. this will be great for our SEO.

  9. wolfwitch says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one went for the gutter when the title “Adventurous teabag danglers” showed up in RSS.

  10. Takuan says:

    aye, and a ruddy great tool chest

  11. minTphresh says:

    the important thing is this: if they had a fight, triangle would win. i know this to be fact. although, without pics, it never happened.

  12. mrmule says:

    more double entendres than a carry-on film here!

  13. FourFiveFire says:

    Universe Man is the size of the entire universe, man.

  14. mhains says:

    The headline did not meet my content expectations. I’m obviously spending too much time on 4chan.

    /that is all

  15. Anonymous says:

    TBH, the cafe can’t be that posh if it’s serving tea in tea bags. Leaf tea and tea pots, ftw!
    (Although, I will admit that the little people hanging from the cups are quite cool.)

  16. minTphresh says:

    hes got a watch with a minute hand, a millenium hand, and get this, AN EON HAND. and when they meet? that’s right, it’s a happy land.

  17. vespabelle says:

    I think I’d like a mug that has a faux dangling adventurer on it since I drink loose leaf tea. (because they’re really cute, even if tea bags are yucky.)

  18. minTphresh says:

    hmm, so what you’re trying to tell me is that an adventerous tea-bagger wearing a cock necklace, scooted on his suitcase-sized package whilst perusing vintage smut in his unusually built house, finally found that ancient stash of herb hidden sometime in the eighth century b.c.e., got so high that he Kzorxed on his wee-Wii, but no matter how hard he scrubbed,he couldn’t get the catshit off the world’s oldest living creature. elated stormtroopers reward prince’s plattitudes with electrodes to the gonads, and slumberland in the toolchest. did i mention “robo-clam”? ’nuff said.

  19. JFlex says:


  20. Daemon says:

    Adventure dudes? On principle, I demand the mountain climber and bungee jumper be replaced with Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.

  21. noen says:

    by The Teabag Danglers (great name for a band)

    Istanbul was Constantinople
    Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople
    Been a long time gone, Constantinople
    Now it’s Turkish delight on a moonlit night

    Every gal in Constantinople
    Lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople
    So if you’ve a date in Constantinople
    She’ll be waiting in Istanbul

  22. minTphresh says:

    even old new york, was once new amsterdam…..

  23. Strophe says:

    Finally, a name for my band.

  24. pedmands says:

    Why’d they change it, I can’t say.

    People just like it better that way.

  25. Wingo says:

    Why they changed it, I can’t say.

  26. Wingo says:

    Damn you, pedmands!!!

  27. JFlex says:

    The very well might, indeed, be giants.

  28. minTphresh says:

    why did constantinople get the ‘works’? that’s nobody’s business but the turks’!

  29. minTphresh says:

    well, they MIGHT be giants, but then again…they might not.

  30. minTphresh says:

    i had a flexy/45 of Primus doing this song on side 1, and “semolina” (residents cover) on side 2. awsomesauce.

  31. chris lee says:

    I love boingboing.

  32. Rezpect says:

    This is just to cool! Who thinks of stuff like that? Brilliant.

  33. Anonymous says:

    where can i get these? great holiday gift.

  34. teapot7 says:

    Very cute – but what the hell is a posh cafe doing using teabags instead of leaf tea?

  35. JFlex says:



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