Tatted mask

Instructables user TotusMel made this beautiful tatted mask from a pattern of her own devising. I love the lacy severity of it all!

Tatted Mask (via Craft)


  1. exquisite, but how much more exquisite to bioengineer an arachnid to do the same and also squirt modified belladonna venom into the eyes?

  2. At first I thought maybe that was some sort of slang for “tattooed mask” which would have been impressive indeed…

    While I’m impressed with the needlework, I’m more disappointed than anything that an instructables link provides no instructions whatsoever.

  3. It’s beautiful and all but I would not want that permanently on my face. Largely because I’d get sick of people asking me, “why are you wearing a lacy mask?”

  4. “Lacy Severity.”
    Would make a great stage name for a chick playing lead guitar in a metal band, circa 1983.
    The Hit Parader headline would read “Laycee Severity shreds with LA metal mistresses Stiletto Heelz.”

  5. Holy repetitive-stress injury, Batman. This is gorgeous, and as a crocheter (and failed tatter), I can appreciate the work that went into it.

  6. Also, it reminds me of the “Sandman” book “A Game Of You,” in which Barbie goes to a funeral with a veil drawn on her face with black eyeliner pencil.

  7. Tatting on Boing Boing!!!
    I never thought I would see it.
    I’m so excited I can barely type.
    -Carrie the Tatting Instruction web site creator

  8. To post something to instructables with out instructions, strikes me as the most cynical act of self promotion in the world. We, the members of instructables, joined to share knowlege, not to pat ourselves and each other on the backs for our cleverness.

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