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  1. OM says:

    …Since it scrolled off the page, I’ll ask this again: Is Bil Barminski the same Bil Barminski who did the short-lived and totally misunderstood Tex Hitler political comic strip for the Daily Texan in the mid-80′s?

  2. OM says:

    …Great. If it’s him, it might be interesting to do an interview about Tex Hitler, and how he – provided it is him – got basically sacked from the Texan staff because a couple of idiot editors and one particular Texan staffer couldn’t comprehend the political message because they were too fixated on the fact that Hitler was being made into an oatburner hero.

  3. TongoRad says:

    Yes, I’m guessing this has got to be the same Bill Barminski. My memories of Tex Hitler was that it was brilliant! Sadly, I didn’t hang onto any Tex Hitler, “Facist Gun in the West” mini comics, and doing a google I can’t find any on the web. But those comics were my first exposure to DIY underground comics, and I’ve never forgotten them!

    I recall that an art school buddy of mine lived in the same apartment complex as Bill, and that if you brought Bill a T-shirt, he would screen a Tex Hitler shirt for ya! But I was too scared to go knock on the great master’s door. Woulda been a cool collectors item.

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