Nude Barack Obama Unicorn Chaser Fan-Art

Link, Discuss. An appropriate happy-fun chaser for an eight-year-long bad trip. This would go great in my living room with some Franklin Mint Barack Obama Golden Victory Coins. You are welcome. (Art of Obama, thanks, cavalaxis)


  1. This is scary. Only last week I realized that the world would end when the ultimate Boingboing post was created.

    This would happen when somebody posted Obama on a unicorn reading from Big Brother.

    And now this. We have skirted disaster but only barely.

  2. That is possibly the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen on BB. Apart from the sepia photos of clowns from a few months ago.

    1. mighty mouse et. al.,

      Please, please, please click Remove Frame before cutting and pasting the URL from a Google Image search. That previous URL was three hundred characters long.

  3. How bout
    Oboma-Unicornea transplant?

    First off, I’m pretty sure our prez to be looks much better nekkid than this. (Maybe we can get Oprah to ask Michelle to spill the beans on this.)

    I much prefer this shot from election day which comes via “Feed The Beast”.
    I’d title it, “America,I’ll save your ass.” Print it up as poster and slap it on reposessed houses all across the land.


  4. @ Antinous
    Best guffaw I’ve had all day.
    “It’s about your legs Mr. President. Merica wants to know. Also, the Whitehouse press pool has a lot of money riding on this. Humor us, Mr. President, Just pull up your pant leg a little bit…”

  5. Maybe he has duck feet. As we know he might be the antichrist, and as we know from Jewish traditions that the demons disguised as men have always duck feet that they cannot change.

  6. Since he’s riding a unicorn, does this mean that Barack is a virgin? There’s a rumour that the Republicans didn’t think to use.

  7. Kieran, Pantograph, that’s a great idea: which real Boing Boing posts have brought us closest to the universe-ending ultimate Boing Boing post?

    We’ll have to do that one a few contests down the road, since the last one was partly about recurrent Boing Boing motifs and obsessions.

    Thank you! You are hereby awarded one glory apiece.

  8. Nothing says Christmas like a signed 11 by 17 inch Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn’ Victory Print by Dan Lacey.

    Packaged in a secure mailing tube, this amazing piece of work will delight your loved ones and bring the missing touch of gaity to your holiday household.

    As a bonus, the artist will include a hand drawn ‘Faithmouse’ cartoon sketch with the first 100 orders.

    Shipping included.

  9. nanuq @24 Since he’s riding a unicorn, does this mean that Barack is a virgin? There’s a rumour that the Republicans didn’t think to use.

    Well, one of the main criticisms was that he was inexperienced…. Maybe that’s what they were actually hinting at, and we all took it the wrong way.

  10. It is full of awesome because it has Barack Obama AND a unicorn. Two great powers for awesome in one picture.

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  12. Why are the chasers always horror-inducing? I’d rather remove one of my limbs with a cheese grater than see that again.

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