Unicorn Chaser: John Hodgman Spamasterpiece Theater Bloopers

If it's Friday, and, why, yes it is, it's time for a Unicorn Chaser on Boing Boing tv. Today: SPAMASTERPIECE THEATER bloopers, out-takes, and oblique lulz from the amazing John Hodgman, minor television personality and author of More Information Than You Require (Amazon link). Direct MP4 Link, if you prefer download.

Update: proof they are the REAL THING.


  1. YES!!!11!!1!!eleventy-one!!!

    I love the new “Advertisement: your show will resume in X seconds” at the top. That is a very respectable way to pay your bills.

  2. At the risk of sounding stalkery, I will say that I would like to put Mr. Hodgman in my pocket so that I might take him out and listen to his expertise anytime I wished.

    Even when he is speaking aloud, I can hear the occasional EMPHASIS in ALL CAPS. And I find it charming.

    1. @Redan, we’re experimenting with those boundaries. Bleeping “shit” and “fuck” means it’s easier to syndicate the video, and support the project through various forms of sponsorship. We don’t have hard and fast policies around it, we’re kind of toying with the boundaries of what feels right for Boing Boing, and what makes it easy for our video work to make the broadcast rounds. In this instance, we didn’t feel it detracted from the value of the work, and it actually made it (IMHO) a little funnier. Sort of a creative call, and a process of thinking through how to sustain the project and allow the content to travel elsewhere easily.

  3. Ahh, the Hodgman. I just didn’t get him at first. But the more you watch him the more he grows on you (uhh… in a nice way.) Now I’m beginning to think he should be registered as a national treasure.

    I’m assuming that’s Xeni chortling in the background. Gives the whole thing that aspect of high school kids going, “Lets put on a play!” Nice touch.


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