BBtv Update: Used Cameras to Skid Row; Claymation Splatterpunk; Clay Shirky Guestblog; Mark's Chickens + Yakety Sax

In this week's Boing Boing update on BBtv (Here's a direct MP4 Link, 05:33 duration)...

♦ Remember that project we blogged about a few weeks ago -- Donate Your Used Digital Camera to LA's Skid Row Photo Club? Well, many of you did. The gadgets went to good use at the Skid Row Photo Club, and project participants join us today, live from the heart of Skid Row, to tell you why it mattered (and still does). They're still accepting used camera donations, and project founders Michael Blaze and Dave Bullock encourage likeminded nerds to start similar clubs in other cities.

♦ Clay Shirky is guestblogging on Boing Boing, and they've been terrific, debate-inspiring screeds.

♦ Mark is into all things "down home" of late -- including chickens. He shot a time-lapse video of his chickens frolicking around in the back yard, and we did what any responsible viral video producers would do. ADDED YAKETY SAX.

♦ Pesco found some awesome Claymation Splatterpunk movies from a guy in Japan named Takena. He's a genius. Enjoy the montage in today's ep.

IMAGES BELOW: Courtesy Skid Row Photo Club.


  1. The Skid Row photo club is very inspiring. When I was a kid our church would sell bread from the Justice Bakery on skid row. I never actually went there, but I always understood that by selling the bread I was supporting a very positive venture in such a bleak place. Then again, what I thought must be bleak, most certainly has its hidden riches, which a photo project like this could uncover. I’m going to try to rustle up a camera, too…

  2. Wofiesma, that’s a really cool story. I think I’m going to have a few devices to contribute, too.

  3. Thanks for helping bring attention to this project Xeni, the participants are super-grateful for the exposure and of course the cameras!

    We had a few more people get in touch and offer cameras today.


  4. I read about this on the blog and am excited to see it highlighted again on Boing Boing TV. I was taken by the story and the organization. I was fortunate enough to meet Dave last weekend at the Old Bank District evening event in Los Angeles. He had many of the photos on display for purchase. Again and incredible organization and hopefully this additional exposure will generate even more camera donations.

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