Creepy pixie doll pajama bag pattern


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  1. eustace says:

    “Mom! The pixie won’t give my my pajama’s back…”

  2. amapolalola says:

    I expect to see this exact same kind of story twenty years from now when the new generations discover some of what is hot in today’s crafty world.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My grandma and her mom made these, she gave each of her children one. My mom thought it would be a great idea to stick it sitting in a little chair int he hallway, needless to say this thing scared the living hell out of my brother and I. No matter which direction you walked in, the eyes were always looking at you. What makes it scary is the pointy features, and that evil smile. I used to put it under my brothers covers while he was sleeping, he’d wake up screaming bloody murder. One time while he was in the bathroom, I taped a knife to its hand and stuck it’s hand under the door… he screamed and cried, and wouldn’t come out of the bathroom for an hour.

    That doll scares me to this day!

  4. bruce_jensen says:

    This is creepy?

  5. CommieNeko says:

    I really don’t see this as nightmarish or creepy. At least no more than any doll. It seems rather abstract and fanciful, if anything. Not saying I particularly _like_ the design, I’ve seen better, but it is is simply an easy to fabricate doll intended for non-professional home crafters. Are the stylized designs I’ve seen in Craft: magazine creepy as well?

  6. Stefan Jones says:

    #3 Indeed. Why the extraneous elf?

  7. Cupcake Faerie says:

    I don’t know… this is just the kind of thing, like a toy robot, that as a kid, I could very easily imagine coming alive at night. You know… ‘clown wants to eat me’ . I think that sort of creepiness is convey by a lot of anthropomorphic ornamentation.

  8. bdjsb7 says:

    Ugh… growing up, I always found Annalee dolls to be frightening. This looks like a demonic version of one of those things… :(

  9. notedscholar says:

    You are correct. This IS very creepy.

    But I wonder why?

    Is it because of the color? The shape?

    I think that creepiness simply supervenes on this image.

    Keep up the good work!


  10. Antinous says:

    Oh, I know why it’s creepy. It’s Mister B Natural.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure a pajama bag allowed one to store the pajamas intended for that night in a fun way, to look like a stuffed animal. Or to pack them for a trip, for a kids’ sleepover? I think these are still pretty popular, no?

  12. Tenn says:


    Buhbuhbuh can’tsleepelveswilleatme.

    I’ve never seen one of these @10. Have you?

  13. nycjason says:

    good lord, what did they do with kermit’s head?

  14. erissian says:

    “And there’s the creepy doll
    That always follows you
    It’s got a ruined eye
    That’s always open…

    And there’s a creepy doll
    That always follows you
    It’s got a pretty mouth
    To swallow you whole… “

  15. sammich says:

    nyc jason – occasionally a superstar becomes dissatisfied with the colour and configuration of his face…

  16. panthercitay says:

    Sorry — there’s nothing cooler than a ’50s pixie

  17. robcat2075 says:

    Nightmarish? That’s just a bit too delicate.

  18. loveMaegan says:

    um, totally creepy! I think my grandma had a very similar ornament.

  19. Anonymous says:

    wtf is a pajama bag?

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