HOWTO make an undead Barbie

In this frightful and festive HOWTO, Are Sundnes takes us through the simple process by which a boring Barbie doll is converted into a wonderful zombie playmate.

Behind Barbie of the Undead (via Wonderland)


  1. I’m off to my 20 yo daughter’s room to see if there’s any old dolls left. Cool (cheap) xmas present!

  2. When I worked for a shoe store, we decorated our desks for Halloween. My theme was “Returns of the Living Dead (Our shoes don’t fit and we want a refund.)” Three zombie Barbies and a Ken, scattered bone-filled limbs made of modeling clay, dozens of miniaturized return forms scattered about the scene, a ‘shopped poster from the original movie and a flickering strobe against a black plastic backdrop.

    It looked pretty awesome actually. I won a $10 Starbucks gift card for it. Oh boy.

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