The Exquisite Corpuscle -- a game of telephone played by 22 sf writers and artists

Frank Wu sez, "Jay Lake and I have edited an anthology called "The Exquisite Corpuscle." It's not just a random assortment of stories - it's a literary version of the game "Telephone." An experiment in creative groupthink. I started out doing a painting, which I handed off to Gary Shockley (who's had a number of stories in "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction"). Gary wrote a story inspired by the painting, and then handed the story off to Tim Pratt (a Hugo Award winner), who wrote a poem. And so on. So we established three separate chains of 7 people each, and then Jay Lake wrote a story to unite all the chains of thought together, and Matt Taggart did an endcap painting. All in all, we had 22 separate people involved in this - Kenneth Brady, Alan DeNiro, Richard Doyle, Michaela Eaves, M.C.A. Hogarth , Michael J. Jasper, Jay Lake, Aurora Lemieux, Kristin Livdahl, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Tim Pratt, Bruce Holland Rogers, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Nigel Sade, Maia Sanders, Heather Shaw, Diana Sherman, Gary W. Shockley, Christina Sng, Matt Taggart, Greg van Eekhout, Frank Wu. Because of the sequential nature of the project, it took over three years to complete. After this long birthing process, it's been published by Fairwood Press."

The Exquisite Corpuscle publisher's page, The Exquisite Corpuscle on Amazon (Thanks, Frank!)