HOWTO Carry a gun onto an airplane

Wanna carry a gun onto an airplane? It's easy -- just get any government ID (the cards issued to part-time assistant harbor masters on Cape Cod will do) and then tell the TSA that you need a "flying while armed" form. Not only will they let you bring your gun onto the plane, they'll helpfully bring you into the cockpit (with your gun) and tell who who the undercover Sky Marshals are. That's just what forty-eight-year-old Stephen Grant of Rockland did (he didn't carry a gun on in the end). Don't worry, they've fixed it all now.

Oh, and please pretend that whole time that they were taking away your toothpaste and X-raying your shoes (for X-ray-invisible explosives!) that they weren't willing to allow anyone with a part-time assistant harbor master's badge carry a gun into the cockpit.

Grant denies lying. He once worked for a Coast Guard subcommittee, which is a division of Homeland Security. However, he is not an agent, officer or employee of Homeland Security and has never been authorized to represent himself as a DHS agent.

On the license to carry he obtained from the Rockland Police Department, Chief John Llewelyn notes, "He put down DHS and had a polo shirt with DHS embroidered on it."

Grant is charged with impersonating a federal agent and making false statements.

Man Accused Of Posing As Armed Federal Agent (via Schneier)