Kisai Tenmetsu: TokyoFlash's new skinny OLED watch


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  1. minamisan says:

    *not recommended for use in US airports or anywhere in the Boston vicinity.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amsterdam based watch-company TIME-IT has just launched the cubic watch:


  3. Halloween Jack says:

    These things are like the controls on the original Star Trek series: not labeled, don’t make a lot of sense, but very pretty.

  4. bbonyx says:

    For anyone who goes clubbing often, I highly recommend any of the TF LED watches. My “Infection” model is great for checking the time in dark environments and works as a great conversation starter.

    A common (and fun) story: One night when we were downtown I was wearing my watch for the first time. A friend in the group was giving me grief over it, saying how it was a toy and his Tag was a real watch. He pulled over a random girl and asked her which one she liked better. She (of course) chose his Tag and he smirked in my direction, to which I replied “Yeah, but the only reason you got her to talk to us is because of *my* watch, so it served its purpose”, with a smirk back.

  5. Cory Doctorow says:

    You know what I dream of? A Nixie watch. That displays the time in number of seconds since Epoch. In hexidecimal. With the A-F characters replaced by their Cyrillic equivalents.

    That’s the watch I want. If I had one of those, I might stop buying watches.

    I might!

  6. Dave Bullock (eecue) says:

    FYI those aren’t OLEDs they’re just LEDs… still a dope watch.

  7. Simon Greenwood says:

    Cory, good Glub that’s ugly:

  8. spectrusery says:

    Skinny? Super-thin? Do you …have …eyes?

  9. bazzargh says:

    Tokyo Flash’s next idea: a reimagining of the Sinclair black watch, but with colour-changing LEDs. The digits change every minute at random, but always so that the “correct” digit is never shown; hours of deductive time-telling await!


  10. Ryganas says:

    Good to see the Japanese are hard at work inventing new and exciting reasons for me to not wear a watch.

  11. Frank W says:

    The black one would go quite well with the watch I’d be wearing higher up my wrist to tell the time.

  12. gdholtby says:

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