Own Disney World for a day

Disney's running an ingenious web-promo; you enter the name of a loved one and they automatically edit a fake video news story about Walt Disney World being given over to that person. I have to admit that I felt a little quickening of my pulse as I watched the video (and the automated editing is really good!). Then, of course, I immediately set about checking the profanity filter to see what kaka-doodie names I could get into the picture. "Shit pissfuck" didn't work, but "Lizard Jesuspants" did!

Doctorow's Kingdom? Disney turns its world over to unknown (Thanks, John and Benjamin!)


  1. So Cory, now that it has been dedicated in your honor are you still so ‘down and out’ on the Magic Kingdom?

  2. As part of a group of residents working to bring voter-owned transparent elections — AKA clean money AKA publicly financed elections — to Santa Monica last year, I took advantage of a similar promotional stunt to enlist Robert Zimmerman to help get the word out about a key hearing before our city council. RZ had to go back in time as well as reenter a black-$&-white world to do it:

    Thanks Bob!

  3. The mind reels at what could happen in 5, 10, 50 years if this type of real-time video customization became commonplace.

    Don’t like Wolf Blitzer’s mug? Press a button and it’s Robert Pattinson instead!

    Think those football team colors clash with that ultra-green grass? Now your 200″ wallscreeen shows the game in a palette that will match your living room decor, instead.

  4. moveon.org (or some affiliate) did something similar, which portrayed the “consequences” if the viewee failed to vote. I thought it was pretty funny, if obviously biased.


    apparently you have to email yourself to get it to work though.

  5. I filled out the form to get my own (ok maybe not my real name) and its been an hour. I haven’t got any kind of email or anything to view the video. Maybe the system has been overloaded.

    I didn’t use my real name because I know how powerful the Disney Marketing database is. I’ve once used the phone reservation line and it asked if I going to be going there with . I have never mentioned his name before in any reservations and he doesn’t even have the same lastname. Somehow its system was able to know that we were related. Kinda creepy yet also very cool! (just like most things Disney.)

  6. has anyone found a nice way to rip those? one wonders how long this server will be up, as the video keeps auto playing .. and nice youtube style ‘play’ button would have been nice ..

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