Monkey jockeys riding dogs


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  1. FourFiveFire says:

    er, jockey costumes. Why I had cowboy costumes on the brain is anyone’s guess.

  2. Don says:

    i just saw a monkey ride a dog past my window.
    he had a tiny pistol and a little flag.
    we may be in trouble.

  3. Narfig_Agar says:

    Indeed, George looks quite happy, but Bobo a bit concerned. I have no concerns about simian and canidae conspiring to get through such things as they’re both very smart. I just hope Bobo is happy and ok, since simians can be difficult in close proximity to humans.

  4. Jane Kansas says:

    #6 : I stand corrected!

  5. oscar7g says:

    If monkey’s could choose what they did with their vast amounts of free time, I reckon this wouldn’t be too far off the mark.

    Perhaps without the silks. “Nude monkeys riding dogs”…

    Ok. Maybe not.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh my God, that’s my hometown…

  7. Jack says:

    This is the best thing! Everyone is happy! The monkey, the dog, the people, everyone!

  8. Takuan says:

    Virtual Jousting Monkeys. Web cam them suckers.

  9. funlauren says:

    Sigh… I’d love to get excited about this, but I can’t get over the chained up little monkey feet. Sad. Other animals are not ours to use, imho.

  10. IWood says:

    #7 posted by FourFiveFire:

    So. Got a thing for cowboy monkeys, do you? Fancy a bit of the old primate rodeo, ‘ey? Know what I mean? Some buckaroo bonobo, maybe? Say no more!

  11. airship says:

    Whiplash rules! Because nothing sells tacos like a monkey riding a dog!

    Hey, it makes as much sense as promoting beer as an aphrodisiac.

    (Whiplash link is in post #3.)

  12. Takuan says:

    Virtual Jousting Web Cammed Segway Monkeys

  13. Maestrousa says:

    Seems like a big budget for a local show.

  14. mortis says:

    my great-grandfather did this for years on the rodeo circuit. the dogs and monkeys lived like kings and queens in air-conditioned trailers on the road, and even had beautifully detailed handmade western wear made by a dear lady in Pasadena, and saddles and bridles by an old leather worker.

    need to dig out the old photos…


  15. BJOConn says:

    This story should have focused less on the fact that there are monkeys who ride dogs.
    Or dogs who are ridden by monkeys.
    What we really need is the list of names of the people who make the clothing and saddles. And the event attendees.
    They all need to be closely watched. And never allowed to travel outside of SC.

  16. fullerenedream says:

    I love it!

    As long as the dogs and monkeys are treated well, I don’t see how this is a bad thing. They are playful species and I expect they could both have quite a bit of fun at it.

  17. Boris Yeltsyn says:

    Hurray Monkey Dog! The first time I ever heard of dog racing I assumed they would have monkey jockeys, it’s only natural. Hurray! More Monkey Dog pics!

  18. Anonymous says:

    At least by winning the race, the poor dog can finally get the monkey off its back!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I for one, welcome my new monkey overloads and their dog mounts.

    Man I need a BB account.

  20. Justin Razmus says:

    Nice. The things we do for entertainment… It was interesting enough for me to comment, so don’t think I’m complaining!

  21. mzed says:

    When monkeys ride dogs, all is put right with the world.
    When monkeys ride dogs, nations put aside their differences.
    When monkeys ride dogs, the sick are healed and the price of gas drops.
    When monkeys ride dogs, everyone decides to conserve energy and ride their bikes more.
    When monkeys ride dogs, Starbucks gives out free coffee to all the little children.
    When monkeys ride dogs, the cauldrons in Hell burn a little less hot.

  22. cycle23 says:

    Dogs, unless beaten away from it, seem born happy. Happy as long as they have attention from a primate, often a human.

    Monkeys, or primates in general, are born with the tendency to be a bit pensive. Stressed.

    The monkey in the picture (or primate, I don’t know my monkeys from my apes a lot of times), seems pensive. His photo is being taken. Let him get back to the high speeds. Monkey is happy when monkey wins the race and gets the monkey babe.

  23. prom77 says:

    I dunno about this. Without doing any research to verify it, I’d guess monkeys of this size and dogs are of about equivalent intelligence.

    But we’ve bred dogs to put up with our crazy shit.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Just a small note- It’s Greenville, not Greensville.
    Thx, boingboing! I Heart You!

  25. Jane Kansas says:

    Things like this make me hate my species.

    When it was written (Genesis 1:26) “and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth,” dominion did not mean ‘rule’ or ‘ride hard and put away wet’ or ‘take every fucking thing we can for our own use’.

    I like to imagine it meant something closer to taking care, or protecting, or keeping in close contact with. Anything but stunts like this.

  26. PaulR says:

    “George seems happy but I wonder about Bobo.”

    Yes, Bobo seems so happy that they have to chain his feet to George’s harness. I guess otherwise, Bobo would spend all his time jumping for joy…

  27. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget Whiplash!

  28. nanuq says:

    When you bribe a monkey jockey to throw a race, do you pay him in bananas?

  29. Eric Hunting says:

    Some ideas are truly golden. Simultaneously punch-drunk stupid and as perfect as a geodesic sphere.

  30. FourFiveFire says:

    I may remind you, Jane, that the bible also says “And the lord didst speak unto the people, “Go and take the monkeys, that they might ride dogs in miniature cowboy costumes, and be taught to smoke”

    And the people did speak back unto the lord, “AWESOME!”

    And the lord did smile upon the people, and created the greater apes for the purposes of dressing up like secret agents/hippie band members”

    Book of Genesis, Post-Gabriel years.

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