iPhone Fully Loaded, by Andy Ihnatko

Iphonelaoded If you're giving someone an iPhone for Christmas or Hanukkah, you must also give that person a copy of iPhone Fully Loaded, 2nd Edition, by Chicago Sun Times columnist and MacBreak Weekly co-host Andy Ihnatko. I read the first edition when it came out, and the chapter on iTunes smart filters alone improved my experience with the iPhone.

The other chapters are also very useful. You'll learn the easiest way to get DVDs, internet videos, VHS tapes, broadcast TV episodes, podcasts, e-books, comics, songs from various sources, Office documents, and lots of other kinds of media onto an iPhone. You'll learn how to turn text files into audiobooks, and watch videos hosted on an online dropbox.

Even if you didn't have an iPhone, you could pick up a lot of useful computer and media tips here. As a bonus, Ihnatko's wry sense of humor makes the book a lot of fun to read.

iPhone Fully Loaded


  1. I really wanted to get an iphone when I upgraded my cell phone a week ago. However, I just couldn’t get past not being able to upgrade the memory or having to put itunes on my PC. I went with the htc fuze instead. Now I just need to find third party gps software, cause I’m Not going to pay to use AT&T’s navigator. Does anyone know of a good windows mobile compatible gps program?

    As much as I like the fuze, I still have to admit that I like the iphone’s look and ease of switching between apps much better.

  2. Surely you don’t think mine was an advertising comment – If that was what lukus was implying.

    Or am I just being paranoid…

  3. What, no e-book version? For shame! Just checked Fictionwise AND Books on Board, and zippo. How can you write a book about an e-device and then not make it available for people who read ON said device? E-version, please!

  4. I have an HTC Tilt, and I installed Google Maps and Microsoft Live Search to use the GPS functionality instead of using the AT&T Navigator

  5. @ Tom Hale, #6

    I wasn’t referring your comment. I was just being a smartass – referring to Mark’s post. Sometimes I’m a little too cynical – and cynics are basically people who assume everyone is as nasty as they are (but also hates them for it).

    I should have maybe kept quiet. The book looks fine.

  6. I find disappointing not to be able to have differente sounds and duration for the calendar alarms. Any body has suggestions?

  7. AnyDVD likely runs on Windows which can run on a Mac (ala BootCamp).

    Assuming you want to put your DVD videos onto your iPhone / iPod, what you’re looking for is HandBrake (which now also requires VideoLAN).

    The only advantage I’m aware of to paying for AnyDVD is that it can backup BluRay video discs too.

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