Philip K. Dick radio tribute tonight

Surrealist science fiction author Philip K. Dick's birthday is December 16. In celebration. Total Dick-Head blogger Dave Gill will be doing a two-hour radio tribute tonight, from 10pm-midnight PT, on Pirate Cat Radio. Tune in to 87.9 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area or listen online. Dave says:
 Images Photos-Xxxyyy Pkdwithcat-1 The show's called Psionic Dehiscence and I'll be playing some interviews with PKD - old ones - not from beyond the grave, some John Dowland, hopefully the VALIS opera (if you have a copy of this please email me), some Sonic Youth, Flaming Lips, and other strange rock 'n rollers influenced by PKD. I even hope to have some interviews with some of PKD's friends and family (no names just yet). Maybe even some of PKD's old radio plays will find their way on the show. I promise lots of rarities, so fire up your satellite recorders, or load the transmission into your data player for later rebroadcast, but don't miss the satellite firing.
Somebody's Got a Birthday Coming (Total Dick-Head), Pirate Cat Radio (

UPDATE: Here's a link to the archived MP3 of the show!


  1. I’m really looking forward to this! Not that this helps for the radio, but Tod Machover’s “Valis Opera” is available on iTunes.

  2. 11 years earlier to the day it was Arthur C Clarke’s birthday… so 2008 is the first year since 1916 that Mr C hasn’t been around to notice it.

  3. Looks like the show’s midnight – 2am. Regardless, the show will be available as a podcast, just follow the link to Total Dick-Head.

    A copy of the opera has been procured.

  4. Psionic Dehiscence host DJ Yuri G here…the show Midnight to 2:00am tonight. The Stranger will be guest hosting so I’ll be listening to/dialing into my own show tonight with the rest of y’all.

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