To do in LA: Glen E. Friedman's photo show at Shepard Fairey's gallery


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  1. Halloween Jack says:

    Listen to “Christmas in Hollis” and pour out a glass of egg nog for the Jam Master.

  2. drivenbyboredom says:

    Glen was probably my biggest inspiration to start taking photos. I have been lucky enough to meet him and once in a while I will send him some images and his criticism has been extremely helpful in my work.

  3. wolfiesma says:

    I remember reading about the Jay Mizell murder several years ago and if I am not mistaken he was killed over his track shoes or some similarly heinous reason. How fucked up is that. Well, here is a tribute to RunDMC, you guys were the bomb.

  4. NidSquid says:

    @#3: Wolfiesma, I came here to post that link but you beat me to it. :-)

    At the risk of sounding naively foolish and sentimental, today I feel we stand on the eve of great possibility, not just of economic progress or technological prowess but at the brink of possibility of tolerance, acceptance and peace between us, regardless of our differences. May it be so.

    But, in the interim, black, white, Democrat, Republican, Christian, Muslim, red, blue, rock fan, rap star, heed Wofiesma’s advice and Walk This Way. :-)

  5. wolfiesma says:

    Here is some more iconic imagery for your viewing pleasure.

  6. wolfiesma says:

    Forgot the link, how embarrassing.
    Walk This Way:

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