Classical music performed by the Muppets: Ode to Beeker and the Blue Gonzo Chicken Waltz

The Muppets/YouTube partnership is bearing sweet, musical fruit. Here are two fantastic musical clips to help familiarize your kids with the cultural significance of the great works of classical music: first, Beeker and his many clones perform Ode to Joy (viddy it, oh my brothers, just viddy it), then Gonzo the Great and his chicken orchestra cluck out The Blue Danube Waltz (by Strauss, the louse, he lives in a house, with Mick-ey Mouse).

(via Kottke)


  1. Another gem in this series is this version of Bizet’s Habanera:

    My daughter, nearly two, sings along to the Meeps Meeps quite well.

  2. Thanks for the smile first thing this morning. Beaker and Gonzo are two of my favorite Muppets. The Statler and Waldorf bit at the end of each vid is the perfect finishing touch.

  3. You forgot… oh, wait. #5 beat me to it.

    Bork-bork BORK BORK!

    I have to admit that unfortunately I was only really exposed to the awesomeness of Cesame Street and the Muppets when I first moved to the US, at 11 years old, by which point I was a little over the target age. Oh well. Then again, most American kids miss out on Asterix (which is a real shame) and I did have plenty of fun kids’ shows in Brazil.

    I did develop a taste for classical music as a little kid, though, not just from many relatives who also love it, but from cartoons:

  4. Love these new Muppet videos, particularly Beaker’s “Ode To Joy” . . . everything old seems new again . . . also, love their new “Skateboarding Dog” videos starring ROWLF . . . if you’re a Muppet nerd like me, it’s pretty awesome to see these guys back in action.

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