Classical music performed by the Muppets: Ode to Beeker and the Blue Gonzo Chicken Waltz


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Beeker

  2. Daemon says:

    Ah, the awsomeness that was the classic Muppet Show, reinvented in a new age. Most excellent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now I want someone to mash up the Classical Chicken audio with footage from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  4. deweyeyed says:

    Another gem in this series is this version of Bizet’s Habanera:

    My daughter, nearly two, sings along to the Meeps Meeps quite well.

  5. Oskar says:

    The muppets are officially the most awesome things produced by man. Bar none.

  6. jtegnell says:

    He’s not paying attention to the metronome at all.

  7. justONEguy says:

    I love Disney’s new re-branding of the Muppets too! Whoo-hoo! I am but a corporate pawn and thank you BB for being a shill.

    Disney is orchestrating the Muppets’s return on several fronts: TV specials, Web videos, a feature film, theme-park attractions and a whole lot of merchandising.

  8. cowboy_k says:

    Not classical, but classic:

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…

  9. airshowfan says:

    You forgot… oh, wait. #5 beat me to it.

    Bork-bork BORK BORK!

    I have to admit that unfortunately I was only really exposed to the awesomeness of Cesame Street and the Muppets when I first moved to the US, at 11 years old, by which point I was a little over the target age. Oh well. Then again, most American kids miss out on Asterix (which is a real shame) and I did have plenty of fun kids’ shows in Brazil.

    I did develop a taste for classical music as a little kid, though, not just from many relatives who also love it, but from cartoons:

  10. Anonymous says:

    You’re all missing the muppet’s #1 hit…

  11. eeyore says:

    Okay, call it shameless self promotion, but it’s actually topical in this case.

    I gotta show off my halloween costume from this year. He’s completely hand made – courtesy my insane/brilliant roomie. Thank you Michael, you’re the bomb!!

  12. noetma says:

    I SO needed that pick me up. Nothing better than muppets at 6am. Ah, childhood.

  13. lukus says:

    I love it – it’s made me feel happy on a pretty gloomy day. Thank you.

  14. Stuart Ellis says:

    The Beeker one reminds me of the classic film short “Multiple Sidosis”

  15. gramiq says:

    Huh. First time I’ve seen Strauss done by ‘Bach.’


  16. A Nonny Moose says:

    Thanks for the smile first thing this morning. Beaker and Gonzo are two of my favorite Muppets. The Statler and Waldorf bit at the end of each vid is the perfect finishing touch.

  17. Cassandra says:

    For those in the USA, there’s a new Muppet holiday special on at 8/7c on NBC on 12/17.

  18. igpajo says:

    A true Muppet classic right here.
    (And no I’m not RickRolling you.)

  19. neffle says:

    Love these new Muppet videos, particularly Beaker’s “Ode To Joy” . . . everything old seems new again . . . also, love their new “Skateboarding Dog” videos starring ROWLF . . . if you’re a Muppet nerd like me, it’s pretty awesome to see these guys back in action.

  20. franko says:

    truly made me LOL. where’s doctor bunson honeydew when you need him?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Anyone notice that the Mouse that Statler and Waldorf use is one of the *very* old original Microsoft Mice? circa 1985…

  22. zuzu says:

    Kubrick and Henson, together at last.

  23. igpajo says:

    Beaker is the freakin best!! Him and Animal are my favorites.

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