Weird blank wallet ID card


This blank ID card came with a wallet made in Japan. (Card was printed in China).

Weird blank wallet ID card


  1. I love that there’s a spot for Pizza. Is that where you write your favorite type of pizza or the number for you preferred delivery joint.
    I think my preferred age would be 24.

  2. A box for commando is not needed and would waste valuable space on the card. If you wish to indicate commando, simply do not check any of the other boxes.

  3. It’s from a Japanese wallet, so I assume the pizza, preferred age, underwear and toothbrush specs are for ordering pizza, prostitutes, used panties and toothbrushes when too drunk to speak clearly.

    I do not know -and I do not want to know- why extremely drunk salarymen would order (used?) toothbrushes of specific color, but it wouldn’t be surprising.

  4. As soon as the government knows what kind of pizza you like, they OWN you, man! Never give up that information!!

    Thinking about it, though, does anyone even have a pager anymore?

  5. Somewhere there’s an anonymous employee in an obscure office in an unremarkable factory who has managed to brighten my day with his sense of humor.

  6. Including City, State, and Zip clearly makes this intended for the US market. Let’s keep those in Japan and China thinking these are things important to us; keeping them off guard; so when we attack for natural resources, they won’t see it coming.

  7. I suppose you could use the odd entries to help prove to someone that the wallet is yours, as if the picture on your ID cards wasn’t enough. “Oh sure, it LOOKS like you, but can you identify your preferred age and pizza correctly?”

  8. Your answers to these questions could also personalize you to someone who finds your wallet, making them more likely to return it to…or not if you prefer gross pizza and underage girls.

  9. Other side of card reads:

    Favorite mammal: __________
    Operating system: _________
    Name of third girlfriend: _________
    Fillings: __________
    Lefty or normal: _________
    Soda pref: __________
    Bigfoot or Jersey Devil: ____________

  10. Am I the only one who saw “Preferred Age” below “Underwear” and thought something along the lines of “Hrmm, what *is* my preferred age of underwear?”

  11. I like to try to use the card that came on the other side of the plastic-punch-out-thingy for my health insurance cards as my ID. All it says is “INTENTIONALLY BLANK.” I think it sums me up pretty well.

    And yes, mhlaxp certainly does win.

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