Two pedal cars


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  1. sworm says:

    Now if only someone would put a small jet engine on the back of the speeder, so I can die happy.

  2. Daemon says:

    Actually, the audi seems to have ample room in the back for a lawnmower engine or the like. And while there’s noway it’s worth $13k w/o an engine, it does look nice.

    Any word on what the materials cost is for the speeder, and aproximately how long it takes to assemble? It’s no fair giving a price comparison of a finished product to a set of instructions.

  3. Scuba SM says:

    So, how long before I see someone go whizzing by in a rocket-powered version of the DIY pedal car?

  4. Quiet Noises says:

    Couldn’t muster the coin for the vintage 1927 “Baby Bugatti” Type 52 pedal car that went up for auction in September in Maine?

    Motorized replicas running 10,000$ or so got some blog publicity a couple months ago, but this one out of the Richard Paine automobile collection was an original estimated at 35,000-55,000$. It didn’t sell.

  5. SamSam says:

    18 bucks for a couple of pages of instructions? I might have thought that this was the antithesis of the kind of free and open information sharing sites like BB promoted.

    If I bought them, could I scan and upload them, or are the instructions for drilling a couple PVC pipes to a plastic drum copyrighted?

  6. Anonymous says:

    @SamSam: Instructables has an electric car howto geared to school kids. Swapping the electric motor for a pedal drive can’t be too difficult, and/or an electric car is even cooler.

  7. StCredZero says:

    “Speeder?” Dress it up to look like something from Tatooine!

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