Two pedal cars

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Bob Logan compares two pedal cars: a $13,300 Audi and a Speeder you can build from plans that cost $18.


  1. Actually, the audi seems to have ample room in the back for a lawnmower engine or the like. And while there’s noway it’s worth $13k w/o an engine, it does look nice.

    Any word on what the materials cost is for the speeder, and aproximately how long it takes to assemble? It’s no fair giving a price comparison of a finished product to a set of instructions.

  2. 18 bucks for a couple of pages of instructions? I might have thought that this was the antithesis of the kind of free and open information sharing sites like BB promoted.

    If I bought them, could I scan and upload them, or are the instructions for drilling a couple PVC pipes to a plastic drum copyrighted?

  3. @SamSam: Instructables has an electric car howto geared to school kids. Swapping the electric motor for a pedal drive can’t be too difficult, and/or an electric car is even cooler.

  4. Couldn’t muster the coin for the vintage 1927 “Baby Bugatti” Type 52 pedal car that went up for auction in September in Maine?

    Motorized replicas running 10,000$ or so got some blog publicity a couple months ago, but this one out of the Richard Paine automobile collection was an original estimated at 35,000-55,000$. It didn’t sell.

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