Handmade beards


Time is running out for those of you planning to give artificial beards this year for the holidays. Erin Dollar is selling them on Etsy.

Handmade beards


  1. #2, I was thinking the exact same thing. I predict that knitted beards will be THE thing for the discerning hipster in 2009.

  2. Strange, but I find the artist somehow sexier when bearded.

    What’s happening?
    Are beards that hot?

    ps: can we have a jerry garcia or ff coppola ?

  3. As a member of the real beard community, I fiercely oppose this! Do you know how much hard work I put into my beard?!? If you want a beard, you have to grow it yourself! Tough cookies, girls…

  4. Those beards are weak.

    Just another example of a woman wishing she was a man.

    Women should be happy they are who they are without trying to include themselves uninvited and unwarrantedly in the realm of men.

  5. I saw a short, fat man at a bus stop today. Hardly registered. Then I got closer and saw a woman bundled against the wind with a fur collar on her jacket…like a beard.

    Urban camo.

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