Handmade beards


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  1. Steaming Pile says:

    Just the thing for going to stonings.

    /I’ll have two flats, two points, and a packet of gravel.

  2. acb says:

    Beards + knitting = maximum folk-hipster cred.

  3. deweyeyed says:

    More fake ‘stache etsy fun, this time edible: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6261235

  4. groovehouse says:

    Kenny Loggins, top right, FTW!

    “I’m alriiiight!”

  5. skeeto says:

    My beards are facemade.

  6. Sekino says:

    Cool: Instantly turn into Poseidon, Joseph, Attila the Hun or Santa! :)

  7. thelibrarianne says:

    #2, I was thinking the exact same thing. I predict that knitted beards will be THE thing for the discerning hipster in 2009.

  8. IWood says:

    I shall shave my beard so that I can buy and wear one of these.

  9. freshyill says:

    The beard in the top right image bears a striking resemblance to my Rock Band character, Nutsax McCain. Here’s a photo.

  10. avraamov says:

    #21 posted by Antinous:

    maybe ‘shave and a haircut’ might be more the thing?

  11. BarelyFitz says:

    Everybody wants prosthetic foreheads on their real heads.

  12. gk says:

    Strange, but I find the artist somehow sexier when bearded.

    What’s happening?
    Are beards that hot?

    ps: can we have a jerry garcia or ff coppola ?

  13. Ryganas says:

    Those beards are weak.

    Just another example of a woman wishing she was a man.

    Women should be happy they are who they are without trying to include themselves uninvited and unwarrantedly in the realm of men.

  14. Strophe says:

    Nice try, but I think it’s obvious that the bottom left one is just a photo of the Iron & Wine dude.

  15. franko says:

    @11 – beards are ALWAYS hot, literally and figuratively.

  16. avraamov says:

    #27 posted by Takuan:

    thanks… i gave up looking.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Is there going to be a stoning??

    (cf. Monty Python’s Life of Brian)

  18. elsmiley says:

    Symbol crash for Antinous: How did I know that was coming?

  19. OM says:

    …The bottom left one looks like it was made using a Play-Doh Barbershop set!

  20. Anonymous says:

    As a member of the real beard community, I fiercely oppose this! Do you know how much hard work I put into my beard?!? If you want a beard, you have to grow it yourself! Tough cookies, girls…

  21. elsmiley says:

    I meant cymbal. Calm down.

  22. Takuan says:

    if false beards become de rigeur, CCTV will have a harder time of it.

  23. Takuan says:

    I saw a short, fat man at a bus stop today. Hardly registered. Then I got closer and saw a woman bundled against the wind with a fur collar on her jacket…like a beard.

    Urban camo.

  24. elsmiley says:

    It’s incredibly childish. Just the antidote for a discussion on naming children after mass murderers.

  25. Kris M says:

    I bought a few last month for our Christmas picture

    LOVE IT!



  26. Carl says:

    Looks like I snag the last one.

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