Strange soccer fashion video from the 1970s

Please enjoy this strange 1970s German video about football (soccer) uniforms. Deeplystrange. Bundesliga Fashion (via Iowahawk, thanks COOP!)


  1. Except for the Geico caveman in the yellow and black who clearly didn’t bring his A-game to the dance floor, it wasn’t *that* strange.

  2. Funny that you and Mark posted this same video almost at the same time. ( I see now that Mark removed his post)

    Great minds post I alike I guess. :)

  3. Don’t! Stop! Don’t! Stop…don’t…stop…don’t stop…don’t stop…don’t stop! don’t stop!

  4. The Benny Hill version makes this even more full of win!

    Even without the Geico Caveman/Joy of Sex model in the yellow and black, it was still extremely strange. It just shows you that football could have gone a very different way in the 70s. In a way it reminds me of various state-sponsored amusements such as Expo 67 and Ontario Place. I’m not sure if it’s better or worse than just plastering Vodafone or Fly Emirates all over everything.

    Although in a way it reminds me of a number of early 90s football kits:

    A similar product of their times.

  5. #12: yeah i suppose it does have that ‘been stuck in the dressing room for hours and we’re allowed OUT NOW YEEAH MMM mmm hm mmmm MMMM’ sort of feel to it.

  6. @1:15 – “We’ve got to explain this jersey for the black-and-white-viewers” … those were the days.

  7. Ohh those are suggestions for the trikots for different socker teams. They even anounce the colours for people with monochrome TV sets.

  8. We have the kits for (in no order) Schalke 04, HSV Hamburg, VfB Stuttgart and Duisberg together with the proposed groovy replacements. I don’t know if they were ever introduced.

    The development of new synthetics lead to some radical soccer kits in the 1970s. The Holland kit of 1974 was famously brilliant, the brown Coventry City kit of the 1907s was infamously terrible.

    Günther Netzer, the blond chappy in the black slacks, is today the “Simon Cowell” of German football TV punditry. Great fottballer and 1970s sports fashion icon.

  9. And there’s groovy tops for Fortuna Duesseldorf and Eintracht Franfurt too. The commentator said he liked Fortuna’s stripey one the best.

  10. I don’t approve of this kind of Western decadence. They dance because they don’t know the downfall of Capitalism is imminent.

  11. Why is it that the Germans have a word for everything. I am looking for the word, is it Frolich? there may be an umlaut?
    If you do not like the life that you are living you are without happiness.
    Is this why most posters are cynical?
    If you are not happy, please hang up and try again later. Thank you and have a nice day.

  12. It seemed to sync up perfectly with what I was listening to, namely The Fall. They were really getting into it, too.

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