Susie Bright: Greta Christina and Her Godless Pursuits


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  1. Keeper of the Lantern says:

    Well, I think that Greta misunderstands the context in which some evangelicals will quote statements like this.

    When a minister quotes something like this they are trying to say, “Hey look: Here’s someone who doesn’t believe in God expressing what they don’t realize is a need for God”.

    As for me, for the Black evangelical churches I attend when I return to NYC twice a year, the concept or belief in an actual Diety is almost secondary: The evangelicals have tapped into an almost tribal human function…the Plethora as Jung would call it. This is, I think, almost sexual in a way insofar as the corporate singing and preaching is a very all-encompassing experience, pulling in the mind and feelings and even, to some extent, the body.

    Or at least that’s what I think after I’ve had several glasses of wine…

  2. Scurra says:

    I tend to assume when I read someone being quoted (in a non-academic scenario) that they have been taken out of context – it’s much more simple that way. True, sometimes it is an accurate and reasonable representation, but mostly it’s to support an invalid case.

    My own personal favourite example is the idea that Karl Marx supported untrammelled Communism and that Adam Smith supported untrammelled Capitalism – read their work and you’ll see that neither is the case! But they are now such useful shorthands that people imagine that’s what they believed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I periodically re-read Atheists and Anger as an antidote to the rantings of atheists who do nothing but spew hatred and bigotry towards all theists. It is, in my opinion, a well-phrased and well-targeted piece that everyone should read at least once. Every time I read it I come away willing to do everything in my power to support freedom of (and from) religion in my country.


  4. jackalopemonger says:

    Keeper: it depends on the intent of the minister. If they’re saying “this atheist is defining what the need for God is, though she doesn’t realize it,” then they’re only being a little dishonest, because Greta’s article is actually about how the need to be comforted by the idea of God can be replaced by other comforting ideas that don’t involve God at all.

    But if they’re saying “this atheist admits that the prospect of death is bleak without the idea of God”, then they’re lying their pants off by quotemining the article to misrepresent Greta’s intent.

    I expect Greta is competent enough to distinguish between the two.

  5. Man On Pink Corner says:

    Greta: I’ll make you a deal. Tweak your page formatting so that the text of your blog entry doesn’t take up approximately 1/10th the width of a decent LCD monitor, and I’ll put $40 into a Fark classified link for you. :) Let me know if interested.

    Right now your content is a 10/10, and the readability is a solid 2.

  6. Man On Pink Corner says:

    (Specifically, I’m referring to Atheists and Anger.)

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