Susie Bright: The Christmas miracle on the road to Oaxaca


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  1. seyo says:

    Someone over there at BB hq should show Susie how to make a below the fold link to shorten up the main page posts. Sorry if my bloggie jargon is not correct, but i think you know what i’m talking about.

  2. Lucifer says:

    I’ve got another story. I have a neighbor who likes Ranchero music. If you don’t know what Ranchero music is, it’s simply Polka music onto which you lay down spanish lyrics sung as loudly as possible in a somewhat open market sales crier manner if said crier got stung in the testicle area by a scorpion. This neighbor of mine also owns a Nissan Maxima which has two giant subwoofers and a lot of other nonsensical stereo gear. On weekends, he proceeds to crank up that Ranchero music through our neighborhood with his trunk open. This is my cue to fire up my weedwacker and to just let it run. he never seems to notice that everytime that $3000 stereo starts booming, my $35 gas powered weedwacker can drown it out.

  3. Tensegrity says:

    Ah, another great story from Andy. He is a fantastic writer and a wonderful fellow in person.

  4. maryofkentucky says:

    That was a lovely story. Thanks. :)

  5. amgunn says:

    Great story, still makes my blood boil even though it had a happy ending.

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