Crapping robot toilet paper holder

This crapping robot toilet-paper holder manages to signal your literacy, robophilia, and deep commitment to bowel evacuation, all in one simple package. Bravo!

Newspaper reader - toilet paperholder (Thanks, Alice!)


  1. 一. Clearly he’s reading about “Robot on a Toilet” from Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

    二. As has been said, overhand is the One True Way to dispense toilet paper.

  2. “deep commitment to bowel evacuation” is the best combination of words I’ve heard in a long time.

    I like the robot’s shorts and copper belt.

  3. Once where I used to work, my boss came out of the bathroom and told us that we had an “under-man” in our midst (someone who loads TP as portrayed above), and that we were to find out who it was, and fire him immediately.

    And yes, I was just about to say that “deep commitment to bowel evacuation” is FT proverbial W.

  4. So, what does a robot crap anyway? Metal filings compacted together with old grease? (I am assuming they pee hydraulic fluid…)

  5. I think “deep commitment to bowel evacuation” and “overhand is the One True Way” sum up my personal creed.

  6. Toilet paper loaded “over” makes a great
    kitty toy (oo! dangly bit! spin spin spin).

    At my house, we load just as pictured above ;)

  7. i want to know what makes one way of tp loading better than the other. just completely curious. maybe i’m just oblivious to daily details like that and don’t ever really notice..

  8. @Booticon, who asked, “Who in their right mind loads TP like that?” –

    People with cats who like toilet paper! Makes it MUCH more difficult for them to unroll it!

  9. i want to know what makes one way of tp loading better than the other. just completely curious. maybe i’m just oblivious to daily details like that and don’t ever really notice.

    Underhanded makes it harder to find/grab the loose end, harder to tear it off, and it rubs the TP against a much larger surface area of the wall (which may be dusty/dirty).

  10. @11: The ‘overhang’ toilet paper hanging method (OTPHM) is one of the few surviving “gifts” superior alien cultures from the far reaches of the universe have left us for the benefit of humankind. For centuries toilet roll hangers have fought human nature by haphazardly “throwing” the roll on the holder willy-nilly; thereby retarding the evolution of our species.

    Fumbling to find the end of the roll, tucked behind the hanging fixture, has caused untold years of frustration, errant thoughts, and general malaise.

    Overhang hanging of the roll proudly ‘presents’ the TP, easy to find, ready to grab, so those experiencing a “deep commitment to bowel evacuation” can get back to making the world a better place for you and I.

  11. I recognized this little guy right away from the bathroom in the props shop at the Santa Fe Opera.

    He’s been there since at least 2004 when I first worked there, and is virtually identical except he’s missing the little plaque in the front. I always assumed one of the other artists had made him during a slow period.

    Any ideas where this store gets them from, or where this guy first originated?

  12. For everyone wondering who loads their TP that way: I do. I have a cat that will unroll the whole thing If I don’t put it on backwards. That way he just rolls it around and around and it won’t end up as a pile on the floor.

  13. My all time favorite TP gadget was the one with a music box in the roller that played “Whistle While You Work”

  14. I giggled at your title, Cory, and again upon learning that Rhyme in Tyme simply calls it “Newspaper reader”.

    The editorial voice is why I love this blog.

  15. Anon is correct and loading method arguments are moot as they are personal preferences.

    Subject = Nuts-and-bolts-figure ≠ Robot

  16. How come you think the robot is crapping? Girks sit on toilets just to pee sometimes. OH. You think the robot is a guy. Hmph.

  17. Cookie crumb @ 29 – I’m a girk, but i wouldn’t pick up a newspaper unless i was expecting to be there for the long haul… :)

  18. Sammich: I’m a girl, not a girk. Hee. Misspellio. I’m not hatey. At all. But I can read really fast, and a newspaper is not out of the question for a tinkle.
    (Actually, I poo too fast for a newspaper encounter.)
    I think I like you.

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