Boing Boing tv year in review: Galactic Super Funtime


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  1. Oren Beck says:

    The Rutan team may be currently the hare of thinnest air. The Armadillo is poised to pull ahead with a new sort of speed. I’m betting that Armadillo Aerospace will be the hot name this coming year. The Rocket Racing events seem to be that Pylon Racing magic updated for the current economy’s retrofuturistic resonances. We had the Pylon racers during the last WPA years. The Armadillo powered birds will be so cool.

    MY shotgun marriage for the rivals is to put one of the Rocket Racing engines into the engine bay of a BD-5. It’s unlikely to be a plug&play. More likely a plug&pray? But the concept seems way too slick to lightly overlook.

    DISCLAIMER- I have *NO* connection to Armadillo etc other than being a long time fan!

  2. theawesomerobot says:

    damnit, I love Xeni.

  3. eagleapex says:

    My iPhone appreciates the .mp4 file in the feed, even though I get my BBtv via Miro. Thx!

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