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The Cake Wrecks blog celebrates the moments "when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong." If you can't read the icing on the cake on the right, it depicts, er, a "fireplace." Cake Wrecks (Thanks, Gabe Adiv!)


  1. Oooh, I get it. I was reading “wrecks” as a verb, not a noun, and thought this would be a story of someone’s wordpress blog crashing due to high traffic caused by people linking to their picture of a cake (sort of a “Man bites dog” story).

    This is much less interesting if “wrecks” is a noun.

  2. Those are indeed wrecks.

    Most of the Safeway/Costco/Giant made cakes are just flour, oil, sugar and water covered with whipped crisco and sugar. Unfortunately I have a few bakers in the family and one (almost) pastry chef. I say unfortunately because I grew up with desserts made from things like chocolate ganache and hazelnut buttercream. For a while my father made these delicious meringue mushrooms dusted with cocoa powder that looked so real people would ask us why we’d put a basked of raw mushrooms on the dessert table. Pastry snobbery was instilled in me before I even got to middle school. That’s one side of the family. The other side?

    “Isn’t this Costco cake wonderful? And to think it’s only $8 per square yard!”

    “Oh, this is cake? Huh. You paid $8 for this?”

  3. Sweet.
    This is going to be bookmarked between failblog and photoshop disasters (it’s like a bit of both but made of sugar!).
    Though I think the civilized world is facing an immense crisis, far too many cake decorators, bakers and pastry artists are lacking in skill and concept execution. Will the sheet cake cease to be the choice canvas of confectionery aesthetics?

  4. Silly people, buying cakes instead of making them.

    I was all proud last month when I made a cake as a surprise for my better half. I had in mind an elegant, classy white cake with a sparse pattern of raspberries and whire icing.

    It ended up looking like a Super Mario Bros. enemy.

    Of course, I said it was on purpose…

  5. I’m with Zan @ #3. I thought somehow some cake or cakes caused the downfall of some blog.

    And, AFAIC, they’re not total wrecks as long as they’re yummy.

  6. Cake Wrecks is a very very funny site. The messed up cakes are amusing, but it is really the writing that makes it worth a daily trip.

    Continuous humor about cakes. Now THAT is a challenging topic.

    A smart producer of comedies should hire her as a writer. She is extremely talented.

  7. I also read “wrecks” as a verb, but I wasn’t too let down. :)

    @Spocko #11
    I agree. Entertaining and educating readers re: culinary hilarity for more than 5 posts takes more wit and know-how than I’ve got.

  8. I’ve been reading Cake Wrecks for months now, and it always brings a smile. Some of the wedding cake wrecks are true disasters.

  9. Thank you for featuring my favorite blog of this year. I was saddened by the demise of You Knit What? and am often disappointed by Photoshop Disasters, but I smile my way through Cake Wrecks every day.

  10. Serves them right. Cake is usually a big empty bunch of icing. But you can’t go wrong with pies. Pie is not a lie.

  11. WeightedCompanionCube wins this thread. Not only for the name, but posting reference as well.

    My thread reading for the day is over, as that comment fully completes anything and everything I might read in the future today.

  12. So I thought this site was pretty great and tried to tell a friend of mine on Facebook by sending her the address. Facebook sent me a message that said: “Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content
    Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users. ”

    Facebook hates people who hate on cake? wtf. I also can’t find anyone at Facebook to complain to this about.

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