Santa Claus's Fortean family tree


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  1. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    He left out the Woodwoses!

    Shrdlu, I’ve met a Lithuanian. I’ve even been on several SF convention panels with a Lithuanian. On one of them, he said he could define science fiction, and how it differed from fantasy.

    Think what you will.

  2. Shrdlu says:


    I do not follow. Could you be confusing “Lithuan” with the French word lutin, meaning “imp” or “hobgoblin?”

    Or perhaps you are thinking of the mythological Lutheran, the phlegmatic race of pallid, gawkish humanoid creatures who roam the plains of Middle America, subsisting on molded Jello, hamburger hot dish, and children’s toes as popularized in the science fiction writings and radio shows of Garrison Keillor.

  3. mcarrick says:

    Al Jolson?

  4. zuzu says:

    LOL @ inclusion of Mummers and Jägermeister

  5. Shrdlu says:


    Next you are going to tell me you have been on a panel with a Luxembourgian. That’s okay. I can’t define fantasy from non-fiction either. However, since I have run across your name before somewhere–can’t remember, but it wasn’t here on BoingBoing–I do believe you exist. Now this is going to bug me.

  6. Demian64 says:

    I am not entirely sure how accurate this depiction of the evolution of Santa is despite how wonderfully entertaining the graphic is.

  7. Takuan says:

    Hogfather belongs on the left

  8. milovoo says:

    Also, it looks like he wrote an accompanying article for LA weekly, no?

  9. olmsteader says:

    Am very disappointed to see that Gator Claus has been left out of this genealogy.

    I hope to see a correction in the near future.

  10. freshacconci says:


    There’s no conclusive proof that Al Jolson ever existed.

  11. Shrdlu says:


    This is true. No one born in the imaginary land of Lithuania, as is claimed of Jolson, ever existed. You ever meet a Lithuan? It sounds so made up.

  12. Shrdlu says:

    Erratum @ #8: That should be “@#7.” My apologies.

  13. The Unusual Suspect says:


  14. kdb955 says:

    My wife is a Lithuanian.

    A Lithuanian virgin who is allergic to dish soap.

  15. freshacconci says:


    When I was a small boy, I was told that Lithuans would sneak into my room at night and bite off my toes if they were uncovered.

  16. Beanolini says:

    #2, Zuzu:

    I don’t know how familiar you are with the Mumming tradition, but folk mummers can be pretty wild…

    The Byker Mummers (who are based near me) try to uphold the tradition by drinking heavily, barging into local pubs, performing their play, and demanding money from the drinkers.

    Some video of one of their performances:

    Agree with Teresa re the Woodwose; surely there should be a Jack-in-the-Green and a Green Man in there too?

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