Henrietta and Merna sing "Go Tell It On The Mountain"

Henrietta and Merna's enthusiastic Christmas cheer is positively infectious. (Via Arbroath)


  1. so, what you are saying is you will select a victim – I mean “song”, and then have everyone send in WAV files of their ” contribution” to it,and then you will do a final mix and post it here….

    I fear.

  2. Someone can find the direct quote, but to paraphrase Eddie Izzard, only Christians can write a hallelujah and make it sound like a funeral dirge.

  3. As William S. Burroughs said, in his
    “Thanksgiving Prayer”

    [Thanks] For decent church-goin’ women,
    with their mean, pinched, bitter,
    evil faces.

  4. You’ve all been fooled. Those are Satan’s minions, placed here to divert your attention from the one and true lord, Steve Jobs.

  5. I just wanna yeeeeeehaaaaw while I watch it.
    yeah buddy, Henrietta and Merna is why god made tequila.

  6. And again we are reminded of the pitiful state of music education in the US. My high school choral director is spinning in her grave.

  7. I bet I could get them to sing. A warm spring day in the hills, redolent of jasmine and lambs-wool,a jug of good red and my pipes, a hoof-tapping tune and we’d away…

  8. Do you know why Henrietta and Merna think a lady should never make love while standing up?

    It looks too much like dancing.

  9. My favorite comment on the Police News Online story:

    “I would be interested in the Police Officers’ side of the story. Not all 12 year old girls are children, either in age or size.” — Rose Granholm, Bastrop, Texas

  10. Well, I’m thinking that Merna can sing out when mom isn’t around. Maybe a different choice of material though . . .

  11. That there is some deep American gothic. The choice of songs and the beautiful ivory-skinned young woman with amazing snake-like eyes spell a fermenting brew of dark country misery and rote faithful yearning.

    How architypically delicious!

  12. Love the use of switching/dissolving shots. Fantastic journeys over Henrietta’s head to another angle. So happy, so happy. So unearthly happy.

  13. Having grown up in the bible belt, I’ve been to the Sadie Hawkins dance with the young one. And also to third base. I’m betting she’s a wild child when she’s not on Christian public access.

  14. Ouch. You can tell the younger one isn’t armed – she looks like she wants nothing more than to shoot herself.

  15. DeWynken-
    ‘I dropped X with Merna at a rave in 1994. Don’t let her fool ya, she’s a freak.’

    I was gonna say ‘smoked ice all weekend at a truckstop in 03’, but yes, she is indeed a freak. Well played.

  16. There’s got to be a big budget Hollywood studio behind this. Writers and craftspeople, and musicians, and sociologists spending months and months working out the details. There’s just no way this could have occurred naturally.

  17. I grew up in a small town in Kentucky and this is giving me serious flashbacks lol. If I had to guess, I’d say poor Merna was forced to do that. Wow, I’m so glad I’m not going home for Christmas.

  18. i love america!

    those two fine upstanding ladies were just feared for their lives. there must be a snake-charmer around there somewhere.

  19. That demonstration of stage presence was electrifying. Settle down, you two. You’re gonna set the place on fire. I had to restrain myself from starting a one man mosh pit here at my PC.

    I am now forced to revise my list of greatest, high energy music performers as follows: (1) HR – Bad Brains; (2) Ian Mackaye – Minor Threat; (3) Henrietta and Merna (replacing Henry Rollins from Black Flag).

  20. The inevitable REMIX of this video has been made.

    I’d like to thank God for making them shoot their original video on a blue screen.

  21. @Zog – you’re right, man – that bassist has Teh Skillz!
    uh… which one’s Henrietta and which one’s Merna? That’s never really cleared up, it’s like an awesome cliffhanger…

  22. The way Merna is holding her other arm, the bored expression on her face, all say she wishes she was someplace, anywhere else than singing on this dumb show, and is just wanting it to be over with so she can leave the building, and eventually leave the po-dunk town she lives in and probably feels trapped in.

    I wonder if her folks or her pastor gave her a lecture about failing to show the proper spirit of joy about Jesus on cable access tv…then again, Henrietta wasn’t exactly vivacious or expressive either.

    It’s too bad that Henrietta got the better name of the pair; Merna just sounds so….OLD for a young teen or 20-something. If it wasn’t clearly spelled out, I would’ve guessed the act was Merna and Henrietta, not the other way around.

  23. Anonymous @56, that link brought me True Joy, and has been added to my collection of unicorn chasers.

    Thank you.

  24. Cowicide@72

    Cow, I noticed your Disco Remix doesn’t use the original singing, so I made another soundtrack remix for it. it’s got the singing from the original video and a housey/techno beat under it.

    I thought you could use it on the Disco one, or maybe do a new composite altogether. Give it a shot :)

    File is here.

  25. Zizzle, I can see you with laptop on shoulder straps and karaoke machine on back, pulling a little wagon of batteries. You’ll always have work.

  26. Hah! Thanks Xeni!

    Takuan, that is so, so close to a perfect description of the last 10 years of my life.. a wandering bitsmith.

  27. Arkizzle: Bravo! Did you clean up the sound quality while you were at it? I can hear the intro more clearly in your version.

    Xeni, tell Calpernia I admired her matching fiddle backup. It was scary and true.

  28. Yay! Thanks T.
    I did clean it up, not extremely well in fairness, but denoised and compressed enough to not annoy.

  29. Lol – Merna is kinda cute, in a pouty Drew Barrymore kinda way. The faux lesbian seduction is much needed!

    I love the BB community interaction on this. It’s like we’ve become Something Awful…

  30. are u cats kiddin me? those chicks smolder. SMOLDER I SAY! no trailer park could hold these two ! it would melt to a puddle of molten aluminum!

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