Susie Bright: I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay


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  1. swell says:

    I am totally seconding crankypage’s nomination of Susie Bright for, if not permanent BoingBoinger, at least Guest Blogger of the year!! Not only are her posts incredibly diverse, they are incredibly numerous. And they are also personal and insightful without becoming lengthy essays with no finite “wonderful thing” to speak of.

    Anyway, just saying thanks, Susie!

  2. crankypage says:

    Seriously – the wonderfulness and breadth of Ms. Bright’s posts as a guest have been amazing – please please make her a permanent Boinger by proclamation! (That’s is, if she’ll take the job.)

  3. Alpinwolf says:

    Aw, man… Never thought I’d see this day. My Dad’s a Lumberjack, and definitely more than OK.

    The zen feeling for me is that, uber-quixotically, my a-technical Dad just got featured on BB… Surreal.

    He’s shopped from Bailey’s for years, and wears those Wild Ass jeans every single work day. When he was falling trees years ago, they all cut the cuff hems off the bottom of the legs for safety. After a tree hit the ground, the fallers would walk along on the trunk cutting off all the branches with the chainsaw. (There’s jargon for this that escapes me… “Bumping logs”, perhaps?) A broken or roughly cut branch often left a pointy stub just long enough to catch and snare a cuff, and trip the poor bastard off the tree. The cut cuffs would just tear through the fabric with the broken point. Better than taking a header into the chaos of bowed and broken branches under-and-beside the tree.

    He calls the suspenders “guy-wires”.

    I love it that he not only embodies the logger stereotype, and is something of an anachronism in this day and age, but also incredibly sweet, thoughtful, wise, and honorable. One of the best people I’ve ever known. Sure I’m biased, but technically he’s my step-father; I met him as a teen.

    He totally wins at Life.

    A terrific and poignant (and fictionalized) depiction of the modern state of lumber-town life was recorded in this book:

    [full disclosure: I'm the author's son. Regarding this, though, the book is hardly available so I have little to promote. And in my mom's writing spirit, I encourage anyone interested to seek it out at another anachronism: your public library. (Or school)]

  4. urshrew says:

    None in my size! Wah.

  5. Reverend Loki says:

    OK, asking this one as the voice of the ignorant flock – what exactly are bachelor buttons? Google is mostly giving me info about flowers. Are these just snap buttons? Decorative buttons?

  6. quesie says:

    Bachelor buttons are the special buttons on your dungaree waistband to which you affix suspenders.

  7. zuzu says:

    The work clothes and boots they offer are the warmest, ruggedest, and strangely, most flattering work togs I’ve purchased in years.

    Broadening the scope to pants generally, I’m a fan of the Dickies Double Knee Work Pant #85283 because they’re super durable and virtually stain-proof. (I’ve only managed to stain them when a permanent marker leaked inside my pocket; they’re Scotchgarded.) They’re also currently on sale and with free shipping until the end of the year.

    However, with the freezing winter months upon any of us in the northern hemisphere, I remember maybe 10 years ago one jean company including Polartec fleece lining inside. I’m thinking this would be preferable to finding long johns to keep the legs warm.

  8. Marcel says:

    I’m sorry, but in my view, there’s something profoundly wrong about an article promoting jeans called “Wild Ass Jeans” without there being one, single image of our much appreciated guest blogger spotted, in the wild, wearing said brand of jeans.

    I just want to be able to achieve an honest assesment.

    Really. :-)

  9. apaulable says:

    quick everyone, Wikipedia has no entry of Bachelor Buttons!!!

  10. Takuan says:

    nothing beats a good quality tarpaulin with requisite slits.

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