Boing Boing tv: Christmas Cards from a K'iche Maya Pueblo.


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  1. Machinehead says:

    Beautiful cards Xeni. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Ryan says:

    Do any of these villagers still speak K’iche? Do they mainly just learn to write Spanish if they do speak K’iche? I guess I’m curious what the linguistic situation is for K’iche Mayans– one can read about it on Wikipedia, but it’s another thing to hear what it’s really like from someone who’s been there.

  3. Ryan says:

    Didn’t watch the video clip at first– but I didn’t catch anything about the linguistic sitch. The /tuχ/ tradition is very close to sauna. Not a bad way to keep clean if it’s all you’ve got. Interesting to see it half the way around the world!

  4. KurtMac says:

    Thanks again for sharing these. In the video, you mentioned how even though these people were so immediately displaced, they still tried to carry with them their cultural identity. This is what the majority of my girlfriend’s research was about when she spent four months in Santiago Atitlan, studying the trends in traditional dress and the “identity” carried within that aspect of the culture.

  5. superforestnyc says:

    Amazing! That filled my stockings with holiday cheer.

    One wonders: Does Xeni ever take vacations?
    Perhaps these trips ARE the vacations.

    Great work as always.


    Jackson @ superforest

  6. Ghede says:

    I found the blurred out names more amusing than I should have. Curse censorship for making me link blurring with swearing.

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