BBtv Favorites from 2008: TechShop, a Community Tinkering Space


10 Responses to “BBtv Favorites from 2008: TechShop, a Community Tinkering Space”

  1. Takuan says:

    all those school systems that abandoned shop classes in the name of budget cuts might expiate their sins by supporting this.

  2. Lars Haeh says:

    We have (had?) something like this here in Toronto for automotive work. It was in an alleyway off Greenwood Ave., South of the tracks. You paid for a spot and they let you make use of all their fancy automotive tools. Not to mention it was heated, which is a big thing in the winter here. Cold, metal tools are no fun to use in an unheated garage.

    They might still be around, I really don’t know.

  3. Antinous says:

    Can I borrow those shoes? Please?

  4. mikejgrant says:

    can i just say that was the smoothest playing stream video ive ever seen play on my wireless ibook? Most streaming vids on sites like Yahoo or Youtube play choppy and break up. Why dont THEY get that stream technology?

  5. Xeni Jardin says:

    Sorry, baby. I can’t. But I will tell you this: I bought them at a stripper supply shop on Hollywood Boulevard known fondly to regulars as “Whores – R – Us.”

  6. dbarak says:

    How come those Shriners aren’t wearing their fezes?

  7. Xeni Jardin says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how the steering thingy can change sides!

  9. jonesp12 says:

    This is dope. Maybe a viable option in place of college?

  10. Purly says:

    I want that car!


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