Guest Bloggers: Shawn Connally and Bruce Stewart!


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  1. barnacle says:

    Shawn, Bruce and Fam.

    Great news about BoingBoing and y’all.

    Hope all is well on your end. We’d gladly trade the palm trees of South Florida for the redwoods of N. California any day, but if you end up in the south-eastern tip of the country, drop me a line.

    Go Team Alinghi in AC – 2010!

    Happy New year and non-denominational mid-winter festive season.


  2. mendoblather says:

    Geez… you two sure do get around. Nice to be able to read the both of you here.

    -chuck w

  3. ShawnBruce says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome(s)! And I’m married to a MacDude myself, so it’s nice to know there’s another Shawn out there in the same boat! ;-)

  4. android says:

    “articles … yacht racing”

    cool! where/when?


  5. MomTheBlog says:

    welcome Shawn & Bruce … you have a great looking family there :o) looking forward to your guest posts.

  6. MacDude says:


    I’m married to a woman named Shawn, so it’s always nice to meet [sic] another.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kudos to you for Free-Range kids! I was a latch-key kid at age 5…I came home from first grade and played outside for two hours until my parents got home. At age 9 I walked a mile to school through the worst neighborhoods in Memphis, TN since we lived in city housing while my dad was in school. There were gangs, knives and traffic….and I managed to get myself and my younger brother to school and back for four years without a problem. I’m more the adventurer for it – having traveled around the country, lived in a van with my dog for a year (as a photographer) and take on all kinds of challenges. I’m 53 now, and glad I had the experience. I ca understand the conductor’s concern and hope it wasn’t too much of a nightmare – As a former police officer I know its better to be over cautious than not. Pain in the ass – but… now everyone knows right?

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