Susie Bright: Au Revoir, Mes Amies!

200812290952 Boy, this has been a blast.

Thanks so much for entertaining my stories and opinions over the past couple of weeks. It's such a thrill to get this much instant feedback that I'm having a hard time taking the needle out of my arm.

I've made so many new friends. Thanks especially to Mark Frauenfelder, for grace and endurance as my line editor. And all my love to my partner, Jon Bailiff, for enhancing and abetting my single-minded determination to post, post, post without concern for any other daily affairs!

What's new for me this year? In addition to The Erotic Treasury, I just released my first Kindle ebooks. If you're curious how to enjoy ebooks, or make one, as an author, you'd probably enjoy my "Kindle-Krazy" how-to.

I'm your friendly neighborhood sewing columnist at Craft magazine, and you'll be seeing my Valentine embroidery tips on the newsstands any day now. I'd love to take another sewing workshop with Sandra Betzina this winter, and of course I'll continue to worship at the feet of my fiber-arts guru, Jill Sanders.

Blogging this year should be fun. Obama may have his controversial Inauguration, but I'll be holding my own Sexual State of the Union address!

It's been intriguing for me to see the Twilight explosion this season- how remarkable that the bestselling book of the year was directed toward female adolescent longings. The movie screenings were audience pandemonium, even in my own little town of Santa Cruz. It's kismet, but I just turned in an illustrated erotic-lit anthology to Chronicle Books, coming out next fall, called The Quiver- which is decidedly more Baudelairean than Twilight, but filled with the same gothic perversions that intoxicate American literature at the moment.

Of course I'll be continuing my weekly audio show, In Bed W/Susie Bright, at Audible. This week, I'm sharing a story from Pulitzer-Prize-winning author Robert Olen Butler on The Peril of the Jealous Husband. Please enjoy some free samples!- and here's the cheapest way to subscribe once you become hooked.

Then there's the memoir. Now that I am officially old and in the way (51 this year) I'm completing a memoir for Seal Press, which will be published in 2010.

 If any of you have tips on how to run a daily blog and write a memoir at the same time while raising a family- send your advice to my address. Seriously, though, I'd love to hear from you anytime, especially if you have questions or suggestions about the memoir-writing adventure.

See you around... and I'll always be at BoingBoing, faithful reader that I am, sipping coffee in the Comments.

Photo: Susie and her darling, "practically-perfect-in-every-way" daughter, Aretha.

(Susie Bright is a guest blogger)

Note from Mark: Thanks, Susie for your wonderful, enlightening, and entertaining guest blog entries. We are looking forward to have you join us again very soon!


  1. I am deducting that you only had female friends as your farewell french part says “Au revoir, mes amies!”, “amies” being written the way to describe a female friend(the “e” in it makes it a female gender word). You should have written amis, which would have included both female and male friends.


  2. suzie, i really enjoyed your time here at the boing! sorry to see ya go. have a great new-year! living in santa cruz, have u ever heard of a band called “world entertainment war’? found one of their c.d.’s in a bargain bin several years ago, and haven’t been able to find anything else about them other than they are from santa cruz. sorry to derail the convo! peace!

  3. I agree Lauren O! Susie you are one of the most interesting guests to hit these pages and one helluva lot of fun. Thanks and Take Care!

  4. Back in the day, when I waited tables (terribly) at the Malabar Cafe in Santa Cruz, I met a weaver. I don’t think they called them fiber artists back then. Anyway, she described weaving as this wonderful metaphor for life. She said, if you mess up, you can’t really fix it, you have to just incorporate that mistake into the tapestry and try to somehow make it look less bad by balancing it out in the rest of your design. I always thought that was a good tip for a miserable waitress like me. So, (clears throat) here is to balance and beauty (or unbridaled hedonism if you prefer) in the new year, Suzie. Enjoy that beautiful town of yours. Take your pick of inspiring locales from which to write your memoirs. The porch at Cafe Pergolesi? The atrium at the Catalyst- during the day before the bands come on. Why not just grab a bench along West Cliff and let it flow.(When I write my memoirs there will be a whole chapter on each of those magical places. The Blue Lagoon may require two chapters.) Healing, hapiness and Santa Cruziness to you and yours in the new year.

  5. Ms. Bright, you are wonderful and you are a legend. it’s been a real honor having you on the blog. I enjoyed every single one of your posts, to the max. Thank you from all of us at Boing Boing.

  6. Susie, you may do a memoir but you’ll never be old – even at 90! Love your writing and wit. You’re an incredible treasure and your posts on Boing Boing have been delicious!

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