Susie Bright: Au Revoir, Mes Amies!


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  1. FoetusNail says:

    I agree Lauren O! Susie you are one of the most interesting guests to hit these pages and one helluva lot of fun. Thanks and Take Care!

  2. wolfiesma says:

    Back in the day, when I waited tables (terribly) at the Malabar Cafe in Santa Cruz, I met a weaver. I don’t think they called them fiber artists back then. Anyway, she described weaving as this wonderful metaphor for life. She said, if you mess up, you can’t really fix it, you have to just incorporate that mistake into the tapestry and try to somehow make it look less bad by balancing it out in the rest of your design. I always thought that was a good tip for a miserable waitress like me. So, (clears throat) here is to balance and beauty (or unbridaled hedonism if you prefer) in the new year, Suzie. Enjoy that beautiful town of yours. Take your pick of inspiring locales from which to write your memoirs. The porch at Cafe Pergolesi? The atrium at the Catalyst- during the day before the bands come on. Why not just grab a bench along West Cliff and let it flow.(When I write my memoirs there will be a whole chapter on each of those magical places. The Blue Lagoon may require two chapters.) Healing, hapiness and Santa Cruziness to you and yours in the new year.

  3. Marsha Keeffer says:

    Susie, you may do a memoir but you’ll never be old – even at 90! Love your writing and wit. You’re an incredible treasure and your posts on Boing Boing have been delicious!

  4. quesie says:

    (Red face) You may deduce that I got a B- in French, despite my enthusiasm.

  5. Xeni Jardin says:

    Ms. Bright, you are wonderful and you are a legend. it’s been a real honor having you on the blog. I enjoyed every single one of your posts, to the max. Thank you from all of us at Boing Boing.

  6. Rotwang says:

    Gosh Suz, your daughter’s totally hot! I remember when she was just a sprout!

    Merry Whatever!

  7. TJ S says:

    Thanks for the eggnog recipe! It made my holiday party :)

  8. minTphresh says:

    suzie, i really enjoyed your time here at the boing! sorry to see ya go. have a great new-year! living in santa cruz, have u ever heard of a band called “world entertainment war’? found one of their c.d.’s in a bargain bin several years ago, and haven’t been able to find anything else about them other than they are from santa cruz. sorry to derail the convo! peace!

  9. Lauren O says:

    I shall miss your posts! I think you’ve been my favorite guest blogger so far.

  10. thebonze says:

    I am deducting that you only had female friends as your farewell french part says “Au revoir, mes amies!”, “amies” being written the way to describe a female friend(the “e” in it makes it a female gender word). You should have written amis, which would have included both female and male friends.


  11. Halloween Jack says:

    Bye, Susie! Don’t be a stranger.

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