T-shirt: Obama rides a unicorn


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  1. Maddy says:

    I can’t believe this. Why no cute McCain shirts? Not that I’m a staunch republican, but I used to think Boing Boing was a purveyor of wonderful things … I’m not coming back ever, and your page-views continue to suffer. Gd dmn y nd ll lbrls …

    ah, ha ha — where have all these posts gone? slunk back to their rightie-hidey-holes me thinks …

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure JibJab beat this to the punch a while ago with their “TIME FOR SOME CAMPAIGNIN’” short, but maybe this is the other way around.

  3. UglyDeafMuslimPunkGurl says:

    thats really cute. But I’m gonna wait for more affordable Obama-mania shirts to buy when I’m in DC for the inaugragal (sp?) ceremony… whee!!!

  4. solmssen says:

    I thought only a virgin could ride a unicorn?

  5. Ben says:

    Chris Bishop was beat to the punch by a few months:


    Although Dan Lacey’s unicorn picture probably needs a unicorn chaser.

  6. David Pescovitz says:

    Yeah, I like Bishop’s art more.

  7. twoscoopsofpig says:

    It’s a warrior stallion! Please! It’s a horse with a spike on its head, after all.

  8. Ernunnos says:

    It works on so many levels…

  9. agoodsandwich says:

    I believe what Ernunnos means to say is that Barack is the ultimate unicorn chaser.

    I agree.

  10. gabrielm says:

    Too cute (think that I just got a cavity). Sill love the free papercraft version of obama: Obama Papercraft

    I slipped one of these in each present that I handed out.

  11. Kevin Stockwell says:

    here’s an old one of Obama riding a narwhal – http://citycyclops.com/10.06.08.php

  12. mercurytransit says:

    Is that a reference to Palm Sunday? You know Obama being the saviour of the left and all. Sheesh.

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