Battelle's '08 Predictions: How'd He Do?


7 Responses to “Battelle's '08 Predictions: How'd He Do?”

  1. jahknow says:

    But what would Negrodamus say?

  2. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    I’ve seen my share of corporate warriors. John Battelle is a corporate wizard.

  3. aj says:

    I dunno, it’s not too impressive to claim that “Microsoft will fail to gain much traction in anything that is Web related.”

  4. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    Agreed, while my Google was at one time worth seven times what I paid for it, it is now “only” worth three times what I paid for it. I have time.

  5. WA says:

    This really sounds like someone trying to argue that his predictions were true, rather than looking at them objectively. Things like “All the anecdotes I’ve heard about the company in the past year … point to this conclusion” really don’t make for justification of statements like “he was pretty spot-on.” Many of the questions involve him arguing that he was correct by picking and choosing parts of individual predictions that were correct while ignoring or discounting parts that were not.

    By my count, it seems as though about seven of the predictions were reasonably correct, out of 21.

  6. Ari1413 says:

    Looking at the list, some of these predictions look a lot like “there will be conflict in the Middle East” type things.

  7. Tully says:

    Does the decline in Google’s share price really make it clear that investor’s are frustrated with Google? I assume investors have also discounted Google’s value based on their outlook for the overall economy.

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