Is the Jim Woodring pinball machine a reality, or a fever dream?


Please let the Frank pinball machine be real. (Click image for big.)


  1. Frank by Jim Woodring is just about one of my favorite comics series of all time. So strange and truly gnarly.

    If there was a pinball game I bet it would have some pretty convoluted detours for that steel ball.

    Long live Frank by Jim Woodring!

  2. Somehow I doubt it’ll come to fruition. First of all, as a regular reader of and VPforums, I’ve not seen any comment on this item. Second, the amount of labor & parts required to produce a modern pin is staggering; not likely to be produced by a ‘hobbyist,’ at least not in quantities of more than one.

  3. I’m with Cellocgw – as a one-off, or mod of an existing one, sure. As a new pinball machine you can go buy? No. Wish it were otherwise, to be honest – then I could go buy me a ”

    That being said – take that backglass, make a virtual pinball table for it, and put them together with a monster LCD panel, and voila. But even that’s a heck of a lot of work.

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