Boing Boing faves from 2008: George Lucas in "The Boba Fett Mystique"

We're revisiting some of our favorite Boing Boing tv episodes during the holiday break, and while the one I'm embedding here (MP4 link here) is perhaps not going to win any Pulitzers, it was one of the most fun we had shooting anything ever. I won't spoil the surprise, but it involved making people in an office building very uncomfortable, and had absolutely nothing to do with George Lucas or Boba Fett. As for the bait 'n' switch title -- just work with me here, this was our April Fool's Day episode for 2008. And as for why it's worth posting today? If you're anywhere near an office park or an elevator with strangers in it, I strongly recommend you do this on New Year's Eve.


  1. Oh, come on, Rampant. The minute you see “Co-written by J. D. Salinger,” you have to know all bets are off.

    I loved the elevator version of “Dragostea Din Tei,” but I found myself hoping that at the end, it would morph into “Never Gonna Give You Up”

  2. My friends and I used to do this all the time but with the theme to the girl to Iponema. First humming, then mild dancing then all out freakout dancing!! (you have to build to the tension otherwise people never enter the levator).

    I extended my off elevator show to include public restrooms by sitting on the toilet, grunting loudly and singing the honeycombs song…. ‘Honey combs big *grunt* yeah yeah yeah… uh … its not small *grunt* pant… no no no…

    Ah scatalogical humor. Can never get enough.

    1. @pilcrow, hah, excellence! BTW, two of the people you see in the elevator were people we knew and/or crew, but all of the other people were strangers, and we got in trouble with building management for doing this. So, it was sort of a silly spontaneous “hey gang, let’s put on a show” joke, but not everyone you see was in on the plan. The guys with the blue faces were strangers.

  3. Xeni, I’ve been meaning to tell you for years, and after watching that video – you’re my idol.

    (FWIW, I even have short platinum hair and wear red lipstick and other such wacky retro chic, but I didn’t PLAN that, and never looked at it that way before…!)

  4. I found that utterly hilarious. I honestly would LOVE to be on an elevator with someone who was so free about getting their boogie on. It’d by far be the single most seriously entertaining minutes of the day, and likely the month. I’d have pulled my little canon camera out of my purse and started shooting video. Greatness like that should be shared with the world on YouTube.

    1. @iaminnocent, I hope that’s a good natured yuk and not a sneer! Because I’ve reached out to them. I think La Pequeña and that Chilean guy who produces those videos are hilare. But, I mean, where would we go with it? La Pequeña Barack Obama? Or like, target some internet figures, or something?

  5. Nah, I truly like the idea although I expect the result to have some serious corrosive power.
    Targets develop by themselves but to fit her style you’d need some looser with a gigantic ego who just can’t admit his/her defeat… you could interview a failed investment banker, passing himself incognito as a beach bum… at the ‘disappearing’ Malibu beach?

    At the end, once we heard his complaint, a whale lands on him.

  6. Alfred Hitchcock used to tell what he referred to as his “Elevator Story”. He’d enter a crowded elevator with a colleague and he’d start with no warning what seemed to be the middle of a story he had been telling his colleague, “she was cut, bloody, glass was everywhere, (he’d embellish) then he’d time it so when the door was opening he’d say “so I bent over and asked her what happened”? “She said… (at this point he’d walk off the elevator). Of course everyone else wanted to hear what the woman said and would follow him down the hall…

    Dunno…when he told this it worked for me…frankly it worked better than the girl dancing… but maybe you had to be there…

  7. Had Hitchcock put on his bowler hat and start dancing though…

    Hitchcock spent much of his life deliberately trying to make people uncomfortable. That’s one of the ways that he squeezed edgy performances out of pretty but air-headed actors.

  8. Xeni @ 11 – “The guys with the blue faces were strangers” – if only strangers were so easy to recognize here in the UK, it would be so much easier to teach the chirruns…

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